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  • Why should I have an online giving account?
    By simply signing on with your userID and password, you can Make a donation without re-entering your personal information Schedule continuous monthly donations View the history of your donations Change/update your personal information, i.e., address, email, phone number and bank information
  • If I do not have an online account, can I still make online donations?"
    Yes, you can click on the ‘Donate Now’ and enter the information requested and the amount of your donation. Whether you have an account or not, all donations made to CIBC are tax deductible. Go to our How To Guides for details.
  • Does CIBC have access to my banking details?
    No. Once enrolled in online giving, CIBC’s Finance Team only has access to your name, address, phone, userID and email address.
  • What information is required for enrollment?
    The enrollment process will need the following information: Name, address and phone number Email address CIBC donation number (envelope #) is optional, but providing one makes our work easier Name on bank account, bank’s routing number and account number A userID that is easy for you to remember. This will be used to sign into your account. A password known only to you To complete the enrollment, you will be sent an email with instructions on how to activate your account.
  • Why are we moving to a new platform?
    Many donors have asked for the option to see their donation history or change their scheduled donations. This new platform, though more complicated, will allow donors to manage and view their donations. We feel this platform is a better fit for our needs.
  • Only part of my January 2018 donations appears in my account. Where are the rest of my January donations?
    The two platforms are separate; therefore, donations in the old will not appear in the new. If you prefer to have a record of all your January 2018 donations available online, wait for the new platform. In either case, all of your 2018 tax-deductible donations will appear in your donation summary.
  • I had continuously scheduled donations on the old platform. What will happen to them?
    Any continuously scheduled donations on the old platform was stopped as of December 30, 2017. All scheduled donations before this date will be completed.
  • Will my scheduled donations appear in the new platform?
    No. If you would like to continue with scheduled donations, they must be rescheduled on the new platform. If you request the Finance Team to enroll you, your scheduled scheduled donations will be copied from the old platform. This can be updated once you are using the new platform.
  • You can make online donations without enrolling for an account
    If you are currently making online donations without scheduled payments and want continue to do so, just wait for the new system to be available. The system will look and feel different, but will function the same. Go to our How to Guides for details.
  • Or, after making a donation on the new system, you will be given an option to enroll"
    Once the new platform is available, the CIBC Online Giving page will bring you to it when you click on ‘Donate Now’. After entering your name, follow the steps to make your first donation. Once that is completed, there will be an option to enroll. Go to our How to Guides for details.
  • Or the Finance Team can setup your account and enroll you
    If you want the Finance Team to help you enroll, then we can take your personal data from the old platform and entered it into the new. These are the steps: Give us a userID to be used on the new platform. All other identifying information except banking information, is on record. Complete the enrollment of your account by signing onto the system with the userID and temporary password that we will send you. For more details, go to our How to Guides
  • How can I schedule donations for the 1st and 15th of every month?
    It cannot be done as a ‘Recurring Donation’. This platform will only allow one scheduled monthly donation at a time, which can be set up as a ‘Recurring Donation’. However, if you want to schedule multiple donations a month, there is an alternate method. Go to our How to Guides for details.
  • Can I schedule weekly or bi-monthly donations?
    Yes. On your Home page, you can schedule multiple payments with different donation dates up to two months. A list of all donations for the month will appear. After each donation is made, you will receive an email. Go to our How to Guides for details.
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