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Week of September 20th, 2020


Dear church family,


        There was a five-alarm fire on Webster Street in Chinatown this Wednesday (9/16) morning. For the merchants and businesses in the local area, there are unrelenting problems one after another. There is the COVID-19 pandemic hurting the service businesses, then the regular street protests and the chaotic disturbing situations which the protests created, then we have the smoke filled sky for the last few days, and the five-alarm fire today originated from a grocery store’s dumpster. We felt for our neighbor hurt and how uneasy they feel under these situations. How comforting will be the message of Christ’s gospel in their lives at this moment! For the gospel is the power of God for salvation to those who believe. Because Christ lives, those who believe also live. 


        We live with the comfort and strength of Christ’s presence in our lives. I recalled an old hymn “In the Garden” written by C. Austin Miles. The lyric described the joy of the personal presence of Christ Jesus in our restless lives. The lyric of the chorus captivated my thought. These words call me to seek these moments with Christ. 


And he walks with me and he talks with me, and he tells me I am His own,

And the joy we share as we tarry there; none other has ever known. 


        How much do we desire this kind of companionship with our Lord? When the news which surrounds us is troubling and unsettling, do we desire more of this closeness of companionship which our soul will find rest and be renewed in strength? Yet we often lack the desire or the recognition of our needs for this companionship. We are occupied with the urgent and pressing things, but put aside the important things. As one prayer book read, “We have left undone those things which we ought to have done; and we have done those things which ought not to have done.” Make this our confession before God. And seek out the sweet time of prayer and talk with our Lord each day. For us who love the Lord, His companionship is promised and hence is certain. 


And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” (Matthew 28:20b NLT).

For where two or three gather together as my followers, I am there among them.” (Matthew 18:20



        Do not overlook the significance of Christ’s promises. Christ’s presence is not just a feeling of being loved, not just a friend we find refuge in times of trouble. Christ’s presence is emphasized in the important things in our lives. We live in Christ’s presence with purpose and heavenward direction. Note that each time Christ emphasized His presence is when we are living out God’s purposes, doing the important things in our lives such as witnessing the good news (Matthew 28:19-20). Our Lord not only reigns from the heavenly throne. Our Lord not only intercedes for us before God, and our Lord is in our midst. When we gather together, even far apart via phone or online, our Lord is in our midst. Does the realization of the presence of the Lord make our gathering so special and our prayers together assuring and powerful? 




Pastor Patrick


Church Updates


Cantonese Congregation zoom gathering on Oct 3rd 2-3pm: Since the shelter-in-place in March, the Cantonese congregation missed the fellowship among one another as a large group. There will be regular congregational zoom gathering to reconnect one another. The gathering will include singing, game, sharing of recent events in our lives and in church family, small groups sharing and small group prayer. The first Cantonese Congregation zoom gathering will be on Saturday October 3rd 2-3pm. Please reserve the time and we will post the meeting information and link on the church website.


Shoebox Ministry Update: The Shoebox Ministry (Operation Christmas Child) may look different this year, but it is an especially important ministry in a time like this. More details will be coming in the next few months regarding the assembling and collecting of the boxes, but for those who are interested in packing physical boxes, right now is a good time to take advantage of back-to-school sales.


There will also be an option to pack virtual shoeboxes for those who are unable to shop for items themselves. You can find more information through the link below:

English Children’s Church/Sunday School: Please note that the integrated English Children’s Church with Sunday School will start from 10:30am to 11:30am this Sunday, then Pre-school Sunday School starts from 11:45am to 12:00 noon.


Cantonese Beginner’s Church and Children’s Church: Please note that the Cantonese Beginner’s Church (3 years old to Kindergarten) will start from 9:30am to 9:45am through Zoom this Sunday, and the Cantonese Children’s Church (1st -5th Grade) will start from 2:00pm to 3:00 pm. If you haven't received an email notice yet and would like to join the worship, please email us at to register. Thank you!


Sunday Worship: This Sunday, 9/20, the Cantonese and English Services will be available on our Youtube channel beginning at 7:00 AM and the Mandarin Service will be broadcast on Zoom.  Check the CIBC website at for links.


Online Giving: We can now accept separate donations for the Benevolent Fund and we’ve set it up to accept credit card donations for your convenience.  The church will pay the credit card fee from the bank.


Offering and benevolent donation can also be sent by mail to the church at Chinese Independent Baptist Church Oakland, 280 8th Street, Oakland, CA 94607.


Community Announcement


The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) recently unveiled a new onboard health and safety plan in coping with Covid 19.  The plan includes free facemasks and hand sanitizer dispensers for all AC Transit riders. The roll out of free face masks and sanitizer dispensers will begin service Tuesday, September 15, 2020 with expected completion of the entire fleet by Friday, October 16, 2020. Additional safety measures such as onboard physical distancing of at least 6 feet and filtered and cleaner air are also being implemented. For details in the AC Transit complete onboard health and safety plan, please check the link below:

Vote-by-mail ballot for the November 3, 2020 General Election: As many of us are aware that all California voters will receive a vote-by-mail ballot for the November 3, 2020 General Election due to the circumstances surrounding the Covid 19. If you are planning to vote-by-mail, you may be interested to know that you can now get critical updates on your ballot through California’s official “Where’s My Ballot?” tracking tool. If interested, you can sign up via:







      9月16日,週三早晨,屋崙華埠委士打 (Webster) 街上的一棟兩層商廈發生五級大火。今年以來,本地商戶接二連三地不斷遭遇各種問題。從一開始新冠病毒疫情給各行各業造成嚴重的打擊,接踵而至的是街頭抗議活動和示威者破壞商鋪等混亂局面,再到近期加州山火導致嚴重的空氣污染,而現在又因一家店鋪停車場內的垃圾箱起火引發5級火警,此情此景實在是令我們倍感心痛,這些受災鄰舍現在所處的境況是多麼的不容易。但此時來自主耶穌基督的福音定會給他們帶來無限的安慰!即使身處暴風雨中,也能得享神所賜的平靜安穩。因為這福音本是神的大能,要救贖一切信祂的人。因祂活著,那些信祂的也必得著豐盛生命。


      在主裏面,我們每時每刻都活在祂的安慰和力量中。這讓我想起了一首很久以前由麥爾斯(C. Austin Miles) 所寫的詩歌《在花園裏- In the Garden》。這首旋律優美的詩歌生動地描述了在動盪的人生中,有主與我們同在是何等的喜樂。其中副歌的歌詞尤其引人入勝,發人深省,從而也吸引我去尋找那些與主同行的珍貴時光。





      我們有多麼渴望這種與主相伴的關係呢? 當層出不窮的事件在我們的周圍發生、令人深感不安時,我們是否更加盼望能與主建立一個密切相連的關係,並獲得從主而來的平安,以及更新的力量呢? 然而,事實上我們常常缺乏這種與主建立緊密關係的渴慕。很多時候我們的身心總是容易被眼前看似緊急和迫切的事情所佔據,卻把實則最重要的事情放在一邊。正如一本禱告書上所寫的:“那些該做的事情我們沒有做;那些不該做的事情,我們卻都做了。”因此,我們需要一同來到神面前認罪悔改,每日藉著禱告與主傾心吐意地交談,同時尋求禱告中的甜蜜和從神而來的智慧,體會靈裏的甘甜歡暢。對於愛主的人來說,主與我們同在是祂給我們的應許,且是確實的。


      “記住,我必常與你們同在,一直到世界的末了。”(馬太福音28:20b, 當代譯本修訂版)

      “因為哪裡有兩三個人奉我的名聚會,我就在哪裡與他們同在。” (馬太福音18:20, 當代譯本修訂版)


      不要忽略來自主耶穌應許的意義。主與我們同在不僅僅是一種被愛的感覺,也不只是我們在患難時才去倚靠的避難所。祂的同在被深刻體現和強調於我們生命中的重要事情上。在主裏,我們擁有屬天的方向和使命。每當我們活出神的樣式,去完成祂賦予我們的重大使命,例如傳揚福音之時,主就必與我們同在(馬太福音18:19-20)。我們的主不僅僅是在天上的寶座上作王,也不只是在神面前為我們代求,祂還時刻在我們中間。每當我們聚集到一起,即便是只能通過電話或網絡進行交通,主仍在我們當中,常伴我們左右。認識到主的同在,是不是讓我們的聚會變得格外特別? 禱告也變得滿有信心和力量呢?








粵語堂網上Zoom聚會 (10月3日,週六下午2時正至3時正) : 自從3月份居家避疫以來,粵語堂的弟兄姊妹無法像以往一樣一同來教會參加全體會眾分享會。但這次我們將通過網上Zoom聚會的形式讓大家有互相交通的機會。粵語堂首次網上Zoom聚會將於10月3日,週六下午2時正至3時正進行。聚會內容包括詩歌敬拜,遊戲,分享會,以及小組分享和禱告。敬請弟兄姊妹預留時間參加,詳情和聚會鏈接將於稍後公佈在教會網站上。


2020 鞋盒禮物事工: 又到預備「鞋盒禮物事工」的好時機! 由於目前新冠病毒疫情影響,今年的「鞋盒禮物事工」可能會有所不同,但我們仍希望抓住這每年一次的寶貴機會來傳揚主愛。趁著新學年開始,您可以把握時機去購買减價的文具。敬請注意,糖果和牙膏不能放進鞋盒。「鞋盒禮物事工」正式開始時間和詳情將於稍後公佈。






粤语堂幼童主日敬拜(Beginner's Church)和兒童主日敬拜(Children’s Church):粤语堂Beginner's Church (三岁至Kindergarten之幼童) 將於每主日透过Zoom举行網上崇拜,時間為早上9时30分至9时45分。粵語堂Children’s Church (1年級至5年級兒童) 也將於每主日透過Zoom舉行網上崇拜,時間為下午2時正至3時正。如未收到電郵而有興趣參加者,請致電郵到 登記。謝謝!


主日敬拜: 這主日,9月20日,粵語堂和英文堂敬拜將於早上7點開始,通過教會的YouTube頻道提供觀看。普通話堂敬拜將於早上11點通過Zoom直播。詳情請查閲教會網站 主頁上的觀看鏈接。


網上奉獻 現可接受給“慈惠基金Benevolent  Fund”的奉獻。同時為了方便您在網上奉獻,我們現已開通使用信用卡奉獻方式。教會將支付信用卡奉獻所產生的銀行手續費。


奉獻支票也可郵寄到教會, 地址: Chinese Independent Baptist Church Oakland, 280 8th Street, Oakland, CA 94607





AC Transit公車將為所有乘客提供個人防護用品:為防止新冠病毒傳播,Alameda-Contra Costa縣公共交通局 (AC Transit) 近日公佈了一項新的乘車健康安全計劃。此計劃包括給所有乘坐AC Transit公車的乘客提供免費口罩和免洗洗手液,並將於2020年9月15日,週二起開始實行,預計可於2020年10月16日,週五完成所有運行線路公車上的防護用品使用設備安裝。此外,其他乘車健康安全措施,例如保持至少6英尺的社交距離和空調過濾、淨化空氣等也將繼續實行。更多相關計劃詳情,請查詢以下新聞鏈接:

郵寄選票: 相信大部份弟兄姊妹應該已經知曉,因新冠病毒疫情影響,所有加州登記選民都將收到一份2020年11月3日大選的郵寄選票。若您計劃使用郵寄選票的方式進行投票,

您可能有興趣知道,您現在可以通過加州官方選票追蹤網站“Where’s My Ballot?”獲取個人選票的最新信息。詳情查詢,請登錄 










      9月16日,週三早晨,屋崙华埠委士打 (Webster) 街上的一栋两层商厦发生五级大火。今年以来,本地商户接二连三地不断遭遇各种问题。从一开始新冠病毒疫情给各行各业造成严重的打击,接踵而至的是街头抗议活动和示威者破坏商铺等混乱局面,再到近期加州山火导致严重的空气污染,而现在又因一家店铺停车场内的垃圾箱起火引发5级火警,此情此景实在是令我们倍感心痛,这些受灾邻舍现在所处的境况是多麽的不容易。但此时来自主耶稣基督的福音定会给他们带来无限的安慰!即使身处暴风雨中,也能得享神所赐的平静安稳。因为这福音本是神的大能,要救赎一切信祂的人。因祂活著,那些信祂的也必得着丰盛生命。


      在主里面,我们每时每刻都活在祂的安慰和力量中。这让我想起了一首很久以前由麦尔斯(C. Austin Miles) 所写的诗歌《在花园里- In the Garden》。这首旋律优美的诗歌生动地描述了在动盪的人生中,有主与我们同在是何等的喜乐。其中副歌的歌词尤其引人入胜,发人深省,从而也吸引我去寻找那些与主同行的珍贵时光。





      我们有多麽渴望这种与主相伴的关系呢? 当层出不穷的事件在我们的周围发生、令人深感不安时,我们是否更加盼望能与主建立一个密切相连的关系,并获得从主而来的平安,以及更新的力量呢? 然而,事实上我们常常缺乏这种与主建立紧密关系的渴慕。很多时候我们的身心总是容易被眼前看似紧急和迫切的事情所占据,却把实则最重要的事情放在一边。正如一本祷告书上所写的:“那些该做的事情我们没有做;那些不该做的事情,我们却都做了。”因此,我们需要一同来到神面前认罪悔改,每日借着祷告与主倾心吐意地交谈,同时寻求祷告中的甜蜜和从神而来的智慧,体会灵里的甘甜欢畅。对于爱主的人来说,主与我们同在是祂给我们的应许,且是确实的。


      “记住,我必常与你们同在,一直到世界的末了。”(马太福音28:20b, 当代译本修订版)

      “因为哪裡有两三个人奉我的名聚会,我就在哪裡与他们同在。” (马太福音18:20, 当代译



      不要忽略来自主耶稣应许的意义。主与我们同在不仅仅是一种被爱的感觉,也不只是我们在患难时才去倚靠的避难所。祂的同在被深刻体现和强调于我们生命中的重要事情上。在主里,我们拥有属天的方向和使命。每当我们活出神的样式,去完成祂赋予我们的重大使命,例如传扬福音之时,主就必与我们同在(马太福音18:19-20)。我们的主不仅仅是在天上的宝座上作王,也不只是在神面前为我们代求,祂还时刻在我们中间。每当我们聚集到一起,即便是只能通过电话或网络进行交通,主仍在我们当中,常伴我们左右。认识到主的同在,是不是让我们的聚会变得格外特别? 祷告也变得满有信心和力量呢?







粤语堂网上Zoom聚会 (10月3日,週六下午2时正至3时正) : 自从3月份居家避疫以来,粤语堂的弟兄姊妹无法像以往一样一同来教会参加全体会众分享会。但这次我们将通过网上Zoom聚会的形式让大家有互相交通的机会。粤语堂首次网上Zoom聚会将于10月3日,週六下午2时正至3时正进行。聚会内容包括诗歌敬拜,游戏,分享会,以及小组分享和祷告。敬请弟兄姊妹预留时间参加,详情和聚会链接将于稍后公佈在教会网站上。


2020 鞋盒礼物事工: 又到预备「鞋盒礼物事工」的好时机! 由于目前新冠病毒疫情影响,今年的「鞋盒礼物事工」可能会有所不同,但我们仍希望抓住这每年一次的宝贵机会来传扬主爱。趁著新学年开始,您可以把握时机去购买减价的文具。敬请注意,糖果和牙膏不能放进鞋盒。「鞋盒礼物事工」正式开始时间和详情将于稍后公佈。






粤语堂幼童主日敬拜(Beginner's Church)和儿童主日敬拜(Children’s Church):粤语堂Beginner's Church (三岁至Kindergarten之幼童) 将于每主日透过Zoom举行网上崇拜,时间为早上9点30分至9点45分。粵語堂Children’s Church (1年級至5年级儿童)也將于每主日透過Zoom举行网上崇拜,时间为下午2点至3点。如未收到电邮而有兴趣参加者,请致电邮到 登记。谢谢!


主日敬拜: 这主日,9月13日,粤语堂和英文堂敬拜将于早上7点开始,通过教会的YouTube频道提供观看。普通话堂敬拜将于早上11点通过Zoom直播。详情请查閲教会网站 主页上的观看链接。


网上奉献现可接受给“慈惠基金Benevolent  Fund”的奉献。同时为了方便您在网上奉献,我们现已开通使用信用卡奉献方式。教会将支付信用卡奉献所产生的银行手续费。


奉献支票也可邮寄到教会, 地址:Chinese Independent Baptist Church Oakland, 280 8th Street, Oakland, CA 94607



AC Transit公车将为所有乘客提供个人防护用品:为防止新冠病毒传播,Alameda-Contra Costa县公共交通局 (AC Transit) 近日公佈了一项新的乘车健康安全计划。此计划包括给所有乘坐AC Transit公车的乘客提供免费口罩和免洗洗手液,并将于2020年9月15日,週二起开始实行,预计可于2020年10月16日,週五完成所有运行线路公车上的防护用品使用设备安装。此外,其他乘车健康安全措施,例如保持至少6英尺的社交距离和空调过滤、淨化空气等也将继续实行。更多相关计划详情,请查询以下新闻链接:

邮寄选票: 相信大部份弟兄姊妹应该已经知晓,因新冠病毒疫情影响,所有加州登记选民都将收到一份2020年11月3日大选的邮寄选票。若您计划使用邮寄选票的方式进行投票,

您可能有兴趣知道,您现在可以通过加州官方选票追踪网站“Where’s My Ballot?”获取个人选票的最新信息。详情查询,请登录  








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