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Week of June 13th, 2021

Dear church family,

When I lived in San Leandro, my backyard had a tall concrete wall because just 25 feet beyond was the railway track. The wall was not great for reducing the track noise when the train passed by. But the wall served the purpose well to prevent people or animals from venturing onto the railroad tracks. We built walls. The ancient Chinese emperors built the Great Wall to guard against invasion of enemies. The United States erected miles of border wall to prevent illegal migrants from South America coming in. Wall can be erected quickly. The Berlin wall was erected overnight on Aug 12, 1961 to close off East Germans’ access to West Berlin. The Berlin Wall came to symbolize “division.” We still build walls, but many of these walls are the invisible kind. Walls between man and God and walls between man. And these invisible walls can be erected in minutes, but will require much longer time and effort to take down.  And these invisible walls divide us.

In a Christian church, there should be no wall. There should be no barrier between members of the church family because Christ has torn down the barrier when He delivered us from the tyranny of sins.  Yet we still erect these invisible walls in an instant. And Satan has used different means to deceive and entice us to erect invisible walls that divide us. These could be some misspoken words that hurt deeply. These could be prideful behaviors that humiliate others. These could be judgmental thoughts of others’ words and deeds.  Besides these, Satan often uses our own fears, insecurities, and busy lives to lure us into living independently.  Why did Satan try to divide the church? It is because life-giving relationships are only found in communities. Live-giving relationship cannot be alone but must be intentional efforts to be with one another. True Christian fellowship has a powerful role in life. Fellowship (meeting together) propels us forward in holiness, ministries and walks with Christ. When the church is gathered and fellowship with one another according to God’s truth and plan, we experience life’s transforming grace; we receive encouragement to persevere in the walk with God; we protect one another from hardening of heart and deceitfulness of sin.

Therefore, Hebrews 10:24-25 encourages us not to stop meeting together, not to fall for the lie that we have better things to do, not to remain in a self-centered mind set when we meet. “And let us consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds, not forsaking our own assembling together, as is the habit of some, but encouraging one another; and all the more as you see the day drawing near.

There is a wonderful purpose in Christian fellowship and in every occasion that we meet together. It is to stimulate one another to love and good deeds. It takes a spark to light up a fire. It takes a push to start the ball rolling from its rest position.  In a Christian family, we have one another to spur us to love and good deeds. This can be seeing someone’s steps of faith. This can be hearing others’ struggles and victories. This can be encouraging words from someone. This can be times that we pray together, interceding for one another.

This purposeful fellowship must be intentional. Hebrews 10:24 says “let us consider.”  To “consider” is to observe, ponder or study, to fix one’s eyes and thoughts on something. “Consider” points to the need for intentionality. Fellowship can be reduced to a social time if we are not intentionally considering how to encourage one another. Follow the instructions of the Scripture to “consider how to stimulate one another to love and good deeds.”  What was the last thing that you did to encourage someone?

In Christ, 

Pastor Patrick

Church Updates

Re-opening CIBC: All Three Congregations are now open to in-person Sunday Worship Services.  All services will continue to be live streamed as well. English Worship Service begins at 9:00 AM in the Sanctuary. Cantonese Worship Service begins at 11:00 AM in the Sanctuary (There will be NO 8:00 AM Cantonese worship service for now). Mandarin Worship Service begins at 11:00 AM in the Fellowship Hall. The parking lot is available to everyone on a first come first serve basis.


Online Cantonese Baptism Class: The online Cantonese baptism classes will be held on three Saturdays, June 12, June 19 and June 26 at 2:00PM via Zoom. We tentatively plan to have a baptism service on Sunday, August 15th.


This year’s virtual VBS will be June 21st – 25th online, 10 AM – 12 noon (PST) daily. Registration is closed. Please check the CIBC website at www.cibc-oakland.orgfor more information.


Mandarin Adult Sunday School: Please note that the Mandarin Adult Sunday School will start from 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM in person at church this Sunday, and it will also be live-streamed at the same time. Please check the church website at for more information.


English Children’s Church/Sunday School: The English Elementary Zoom Children's Church (Grades 1-5) time to meet has changed.  They will now meet every Sunday from 11:00AM to 11:30AM,then Pre-school Sunday School starts from 11:45 AM to 12:00 noon.


Cantonese Children’s Church and Beginner’s Church: Please note that the Cantonese Children’s Church (1st -5th Grade) will begin in-person worship starting June 13thfrom 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM and will also be live-streamed via Zoom at the same time. The Cantonese Beginner’s Church (3 years old to Kindergarten) will start from 9:30 AM to 9:45 AM through Zoom this Sunday. If you haven't received an email notice yet and would like to join the worship, please email us at to register. Thank you!


Sunday Worship: This Sunday,6/13, the Cantonese in-church worship service will begin at 11:00AM and will also be live-streamed on Youtube. The English in-church worship service will begin at 9:00 AM and will also be live-streamed on Youtube at the same time. The Mandarin in-church worship service will begin at 11:00AM and will also be live-streamed from church. Check the CIBC website at for links.


OnlineGiving can now accept separate donations for the Benevolent Fund and we’ve set it up to accept credit card donations for your convenience. The church will pay the credit card fee from the bank.


Offering and benevolent donation can also be sent by mail to the church at Chinese Independent Baptist Church Oakland, 280 8th Street, Oakland, CA 94607


Community Announcement


The following links are information on the “Great Plates: Free Meals Delivered to Seniors” program. Please peruse the information to find out if you and/or your loved ones are interested and qualified.



2021年 6月13日




我以前住在San Leandro的時候,家中後院有一堵很高的混凝土墻,因為院外25英尺處就是鐵路。每當火車經過時,這堵墻並不能很好地降低噪音,但卻很好地起到了防止人或動物闖入鐵軌的作用。我們人經常會建墻。中國古代的帝王為抵禦外敵入侵修建長城。美國為防止來自南美洲的非法移民進入而修建數英里的邊境墻。墻可以被迅速建造起來。1961年8月12日晚, 為了阻止东德居民進入西柏林,封鎖西柏林邊境,柏林墙在一夜之间修建完成。柏林墻自此象徵著“分裂”。時過境遷,今日我們依然在築墻,但這其中很多“墙”却是肉眼看不見的。人與神之間的墻,人與人之間的墻,這些無形的墻可以在幾分鐘內瞬間建立,但之後往往要花很長的時間和不懈的努力才能拆除。人與人之間很多時候正是因為這些“無形的墻”而被分隔開來。














主日教會實體敬拜重啓: 本會英文堂、粵語堂和普通話堂現已重開主日教會實體敬拜。各堂主日敬拜網絡直播將同步進行。英文堂主日敬拜將於早上9時正開始,粵語堂主日敬拜早上11時正開始,敬請注意:重啓初期,粵語堂暫時沒有主日早上8時的敬拜。普通話堂主日敬拜早上11時正開始。教會旁邊的停車場將在主日敬拜期間向所有來參加聚會的會衆開放。停車位先到先得。


粵語堂網上受浸班: 粵語堂受浸班將於6月12日、6月19日和6月26日,週六下午2時正開始在網上透過Zoom進行。完成受浸班後,我們計劃於8月15日(主日下午)舉行浸禮。


2021 CIBC網上兒童暑期聖經營 (Virtual VBS) :今年的暑期聖經營將於6月21日至6月25日,每日早上10時至中午12時在網上通過Zoom直播舉行。報名已結束,其他活動詳情請查詢教會網站主頁


普通話堂成人主日學:敬請注意,普通話堂成人主日學將於每主日早上9時30分至10時45分在教會實體進行 (網絡直播同步) 。詳情請查詢教會網站




粤语堂兒童主日敬拜(Children’s Church)和幼童主日敬拜(Beginner's Church):敬請注意,粵語堂Children’s Church (1年級至5年級兒童) 將於這主日,6月13日起,早上11時正開始在教會舉行實體兒童敬拜,網上敬拜也會透過Zoom同步進行。粤语堂Beginner's Church (三岁至Kindergarten之幼童) 將於每主日透过Zoom举行網上敬拜,時間為早上9时30分至9时45分。如未收到電郵而有興趣參加者,請致電郵至children@cibc-oakland.org登記。謝謝!


主日敬拜: 這主日,6月13日,粵語堂將於早上11時正開始教會實體敬拜。英文堂將於早上9時正開始教會實體敬拜。普通話堂將於早上11點開始教會實體敬拜。各堂主日敬拜網絡直播將同步進行。詳情請查閲教會網站www.cibc-oakland.org主頁上的觀看鏈接。


網上奉獻現可接受給“慈惠基金Benevolent  Fund”的奉獻。同時為了方便您在網上奉獻,我們現已開通使用信用卡奉獻方式。教會將支付信用卡奉獻所產生的銀行手續費。


奉獻支票也可郵寄到教會,地址: Chinese Independent Baptist Church Oakland, 280 8th Street, Oakland, CA 94607



“Great Plates:免費為年長者送餐”計劃:請點擊以下鏈接查詢您或您的親友是否符合資格參加此計劃,以及如何登記獲得免費送餐服務。





2021年 6月13日




我以前住在San Leandro的时候,家中后院有一堵很高的混凝土墙,因为院外25英尺处就是铁路。每当火车经过时,这堵墙并不能很好地降低噪音,但却很好地起到了防止人或动物闯入铁轨的作用。我们人经常会建墙。中国古代的帝王为抵御外敌入侵修建长城。美国为防止来自南美洲的非法移民进入而修建数英里的边境墙。墙可以被迅速建造起来。1961年8月12日晚, 为了阻止东德居民进入西柏林,封锁西柏林边境,柏林墙在一夜之间修建完成。柏林墙自此象征着“分裂”。时过境迁,今日我们依然在筑墙,但这其中很多“墙”却是肉眼看不见的。人与神之间的墙,人与人之间的墙,这些无形的墙可以在几分钟内瞬间建立,但之后往往要花很长的时间和不懈的努力才能拆除。人与人之间很多时候正是因为这些“无形的墙”而被分隔开来。


在我们的基督教会中不应该有“墙”。教会弟兄姊妹之间不应有阻碍和隔阂,因为当主耶稣基督将我们从罪中拯救出来时,祂已经拆除了所有的阻碍。但我们仍然会在瞬间就筑起一些无形的墙,因魔鬼撒旦时刻都在利用不同的手段来欺骗和引诱我们建立这些“无形的墙”,目的是让我们产生分裂和隔阂。隔阂的产生可能是因为我们说错话而深深地伤害了别人,或被伤害;也可能是因为自己一些骄傲的行为无意中羞辱了他人;又或许是对别人的言行进行论断。除此之外,撒旦还会经常利用我们的恐惧、不安和忙碌的生活来引诱我们脱离教会群体。为什么撒旦要试图分化教会呢? 因为只有在群体中才能找到赋予生命的关系。独来独往不可能建立赋予生命的关系,我们必须通过有意识地努力与人接触,用心交流才能建立彼此之间这种密切且赋予生命的关系。真正的团契在基督徒的生活中扮演着至关重要的的角色。团契聚会激励我们在追求圣洁、为主事奉和与主同行的道路上不断前行。当教会的弟兄姊妹按照主的真理和计划聚集在一起、参加团契、彼此相交时,我们就能体验到在主里生命产生改变和更新;我们因此获得鼓励,在与神同行的道路上便能持之以恒;我们因互相扶持,彼此守护,便能避免内心变得刚硬,并远离罪的诡诈。














粤语堂网上受浸班: 粤语堂受浸班将于6月12日、6月19日和6月26日,周六下午2时正开始在网上透过Zoom进行。完成受浸班后,我们计划于8月15日(主日下午)举行浸礼。










主日敬拜: 这主日,6月13日,粤语堂将于早上11时正开始教会实体敬拜。英文堂将于早上9时正开始教会实体敬拜。普通话堂将于早上11点开始教会实体敬拜。各堂主日敬拜网络直播将同步进行。详情请查阅教会网站www.cibc-oakland.org主页上的观看链接。







“Great Plates:免费为年长者送餐”计划:请点击以下链接查询您或您的亲友是否符合资格参加此计划,以及如何登记获得免费送餐服务。









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