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Pastor Post

Week of November 22nd, 2020


Dear brothers and sisters,

I have read an interesting article about the following situations:

  • “The mess to clean up after a party because it means I have been surrounded by friends.

  • The taxes I pay because it means that I am employed.

  • A lawn that needs mowing, windows that need cleaning and gutters that need fixing because it means I have a home.

  • The spot I find at the far end of the parking lot because it means I am capable of walking.

  • The lady behind me in church who sings off key because it means that I can hear.

  • The piles of laundry and ironing because it means my loved ones are nearby.”


During the pandemic and after the election, I can add some more to the list:

  • Some find having four years of presidency unbearable, yet many nations in the world have lifetime presidents.

  • You heard many complaints of our government about how imperfect it is. The reason you can hear those complaints is because you have freedom of speech. In many countries you can only hear praises of their perfect government and their faultless leader.

  • Some complained that our Electoral College system is faulty, yet many nations don’t even have words such as “voting, ballots, polls, democracy, political campaigns and debates” in their vocabulary, let alone election.

  • After watching YouTube worship videos for so long, many long for in-person worship, yet many countries don’t even have any Christian worship service, whether in-person or virtual, period. Any violation means execution!


When you look at those so-called “unbearable” situations, can you see God’s blessings in disguise? If you look at those from another angle, you may find more things to give thanks to the Lord. Let us remember Paul’s timeless exhortations in 1Thess 5:16-18, “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, give thanks in all circumstances; for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.

Let us cherish this blessing of freedom of worship that the Lord graciously granted us! But don’t take it for granted! Remember, it is not our president or senators or governors or even our conservative Supreme Court Justices that can change our godless society. It is the gospel! If we evangelical Christians are not faithful in proclaiming the gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ to our neighbors, our most cherished freedom of worship may one day be taken away even from us living in the United States of America.

So, let us be faithful in praying for our newly elected government leaders, for Paul exhorts us in 1Tim 2:1-2, “First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people, for kings and all who are in high positions, that we may lead a peaceful and quiet life, godly and dignified in every way.


Pastor Larry

Church Updates

The church staff will be off on Thanksgiving Day and the day after (11/26 & 11/27).


All Church Thanksgiving: Please mark your calendars for Sunday, November 22nd at 7:00PM.  We will be having an online All Church Thanksgiving Program.  Our special guests will be Sarah and Kenny sharing from Southern California as well as special music in English and Chinese. Please check the CIBC website at for links.

Mandarin Thanksgiving Online Meeting on 11/29: The Mandarin Congregation will be having a special Thanksgiving online meeting on Sunday, November 29th from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM via Zoom. Please check the CIBC website at for links.


Props for the Christmas Program: Dear Church Family, with the Christmas program being online this year, Kandace Mok and Kloe Chan have been asked to create a set as the backdrop for its filming and WE NEED YOUR HELP to create the scene! 


The set will be staged in the library room at Church from November 28th to December 3rd, and we are hoping to get all of these items ASAP, below is a list of the items.


If you have any of these items, please send me a photo of it at or Facebook Messenger, or 415-360-4339. Kandace or Kloe will be glad to pick up the items from your home and return them to you at your convenience! Thank you so much in advance!


Items needed:

  • High back chair or rocking chair

  • 5ft min Christmas tree 

  • Stringed lights

  • Christmas stockings 

  • Lamp table

  • Decorative table lamp


November Love Offering: During the month of November, all Love Offerings (Benevolent) will be collected, divided up and given to our supported Missionaries for Christmas.  Just select Love Offering (Benevolent) under the designation.


2021 CIBC Calendars Sale: 2021 Chinese & English Calendars are available for sale. It is $2.5/each. Cash (due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we can only accept exact change.) or checks made payable to CIBC only. You can purchase and pick up the calendars at church from 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM on Dec. 12 and Dec. 19. Please come to the 9th Street doors. If you have any questions, please email church at


Shoebox Ministry Update: To donate online to the Shoebox Ministry, please donate to the General Fund and earmark it to the “Love Offering for Shoebox Ministry” in the Donor Envelope Number field.


The last day of collection is 11/23 (Monday)!  Please pray for the health and safety of all who are involved with this world-wide ministry. Amidst Covid-19, drop-off locations will also practice contactless drop offs. Feel free to pop your trunk open and the volunteers will retrieve the boxes from your car. Boxes need to be dropped off between 11/16 and 11/23 at designated drop-off locations. For drop-off locations in Alameda, Castro Valley, Pleasanton, and other nearby areas, please check the link on the CIBC website or at    


Praise God that CIBC has collected 350 shoeboxes so far! Please continue to pray for more boxes so more children will come to know the saving grace of Jesus Christ. Fifty-five Unreached People Groups have been identified to receive shoebox gifts this upcoming season. 


Please also remember to email and report the number of boxes you prepare traditionally, or virtually so we can keep a total count for our CI family.


If you can help with transporting the shoeboxes, please also sign up using the link on the CIBC homepage, or if you need someone to pick up your prepared boxes during National Collection Week, please contact Lannie Mok at


5 ways to participate: 


There will also be an option to pack virtual shoeboxes online. You can find more information through the link below:


CIBC Cantonese Online Sunday Worship: Starting on November 1st, CIBC Cantonese online Sunday worship will be live-streamed at two specific times. The first live-stream service will be from 8:00 AM to 9:20 AM. The second recorded live-stream service will be from 11:00 AM to 12:20 PM. Our Cantonese congregation can join our on-line Sunday worship at one of these specific times. However, beside these two live-streamed worship times, the worship service recorded on Sunday will not be available for viewing on the church website until the next day. This new arrangement is the first phase of preparing to reopen the church for in-house worship services at 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM.  Even though the pastors will lead and preach in the worship services at church every Sunday morning starting in November, the church is not open for worship to our congregation on Sunday. The church building will remain closed on Sunday. When all preparations to comply with health regulations and orders are completed, we will advise the congregation of how all of us can safely return to church for worship. The worship teams will continue to lead our worships through pre-recorded worship segments. When a plan and technical support is available, the church will invite the worship teams to lead the worship at church on Sunday.


English Children’s Church/Sunday School: Please note that the integrated English Children’s Church with Sunday School will start from 10:30am to 11:30am this Sunday, then Pre-school Sunday School starts from 11:45am to 12:00 noon.


Cantonese Beginner’s Church and Children’s Church: Please note that the Cantonese Beginner’s Church (3 years old to Kindergarten) will start from 9:30am to 9:45am through Zoom this Sunday, and the Cantonese Children’s Church (1st -5th Grade) will start from 2:00pm to 3:00 pm. If you haven't received an email notice yet and would like to join the worship, please email us at to register. Thank you!


Sunday Worship: This Sunday, 11/22, the Cantonese Service will begin live streaming at 8:00 AM and 11:00 AM. The English Services will be available on our Youtube channel beginning at 7:00 AM, and the Mandarin Service will be broadcast at 11:00 AM.  Check the CIBC website at for links.

Online Giving: We can now accept separate donations for the Benevolent Fund and we’ve set it up to accept credit card donations for your convenience.  The church will pay the credit card fee from the bank.


Offering and benevolent donation can also be sent by mail to the church at Chinese Independent Baptist Church Oakland, 280 8th Street, Oakland, CA 94607.


Community Announcement


The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) recently unveiled a new onboard health and safety plan in coping with COVID-19.  The plan includes free facemasks and hand sanitizer dispensers for all AC Transit riders. The roll out of free face masks and sanitizer dispensers will begin service Tuesday, September 15, 2020 with expected completion of the entire fleet by Friday, October 16, 2020. Additional safety measures such as onboard physical distancing of at least 6 feet and filtered and cleaner air are also being implemented. For details in the AC Transit complete onboard health and safety plan, please check the link below:







  • “在一個歡樂派對结束之後,你可能因爲要收拾派對後家裏的淩亂而感到非常辛苦。但请不要忘記,這表示你還有很多朋友。

  • 你覺得繳納高額的稅款很痛苦,但你能納稅是因你有一份工作。

  • 你覺得家裏要剪草,清洗窗門,屋頂的排水溝要清理樹葉很麻煩。但這表示你擁有一間房屋。

  • 你停車時往往要停在離商場最遠的停車位置是因爲你仍能行走自如。

  • 在教會敬拜時,你覺得坐在你後面的那位姊妹唱詩歌常常走調,這證明你還擁有靈敏的耳朵。

  • 你抱怨要洗很多衣服,還要熨燙衣服,這是因爲你所愛的人還在你身邊。”



  • 有人覺得四年一任的總統任期實在太長,難以忍受。但是有很多國家的總統却是終身的。

  • 你常聽見很多人抱怨政府這樣不好,那樣不好。你能聽見這些投訴是因爲我們仍擁有言論自由。有很多國家的人民只能聽到對國家偉大的歌頌和對他們無瑕疵的領袖的褒揚。

  • 有人抱怨我們的 “選舉團Electoral College” 制度有缺陷。但在許多國家的詞彙中根本沒有 “投票、民主、民意測驗/民意調查、競選和辯論” 之類的詞彙,更不用說選舉了。

  • 觀看YouTube主日敬拜視頻這麽久之後,許多人渴望能親身參加敬拜。但許多國家甚至沒有任何基督徒敬拜的聚會,無論是親身敬拜或網上敬拜。任何違規就要面對死刑!


當你看見那些所謂 “無法忍受” 的情况時,你是否能體會到神所賜给你的恩惠? 假如你從另一個角度來看那些事情,比起抱怨,你可能會发现更多值得感恩的事情並爲此感謝主。請仔細聆聽並謹記保羅在帖前5:16-18中的勸勉:“要常常喜樂,不住地禱告,凡事謝恩;因爲這是神在基督耶穌裏向你們所定的旨意。











全教會感恩節網上聚會:全教會感恩節網上聚會將於11月22日 (主日) ,晚上7時正開始通過Zoom直播舉行。敬請弟兄姊妹預留時間參加,聚會鏈接請上教會網站 主頁查詢。屆時來自南加州的余雋禧弟兄 (Kenny Yu) 和仇慧琳姊妹 (Sarah Sau) 將進行感恩分享,還有特別中英文詩歌敬拜。


普通话堂網上感恩分享聚会:普通话堂網上感恩分享聚会將於11月29日(主日),下午1時30分至3時通過Zoom直播舉行。聚會鏈接請上教會網站 主頁查詢。


佈置聖誕節活動背景所需道具:Kandace Mok姊妹和Kloe Chan姊妹需要為今年教會網上聖誕節活動搭建一個拍攝背景,此背景將於11月28日至12月3日期間放置在教會圖書館內。在此我們需要向弟兄姊妹借用一些道具來完成背景佈置:


  • 高背椅或搖椅

  • 至少5英尺高的聖誕樹

  • 燈串(Stringed Lights)

  • 聖誕襪

  • 燈桌(Lamp Table)

  • 裝飾檯燈


若您有以上任意一件物品可以借用給我們,請拍一張物品的照片並電郵至 ,或通過Facebook 和電話: 415-360-4339聯絡Kandace 或Kloe。她們可以去到您的家中領取物品並在使用之後歸還。感謝您的幫助!


11月愛心(慈惠)奉獻: 11月所得全部愛心(慈惠)奉獻將在聖誕節用於鼓勵本會所支持的宣教士。請於奉獻時選擇並注明愛心(慈惠)奉獻。


2021精美中英文月曆出售:每本售价為 $2.5。接受現金付款 (請預備好零錢,疫情期間,恕不找零)。若使用支票付款,台頭請寫: CIBC  。請於12月12日 (週六) 或12月19日(週六),早上10點正至中午12點正到教會9街門口購買、領取月曆。若有其他問題,請电邮至教会


2020 鞋盒禮物事工: 如果您想要通過教會網上奉獻系統給「鞋盒禮物事工」奉獻,請在奉獻時選擇 “General Fund”,並在 “Donor Envelope Number”處注明“鞋盒禮物事工”。


11月23日 (週一) ,「全國鞋盒禮物收集週」最後一日! 請為所有參與鞋盒禮物事工的弟兄姊妹的健康和平安禱告。新冠病毒疫情期間,所有禮物收集站都將實行免接觸式投放。屆時請您打開汽車後備箱,義工會幫忙取出禮物。鞋盒禮物需於11月16日至11月23日期間送到禮物收集站。請於教會網站主頁提供的鏈接查詢附近的禮物收集站地址或直接點擊: 


感謝主本會目前已收集到350份鞋盒禮物! 不要遲延、趕快行動!每一個鞋盒都是福音的橋樑。請繼續為收集到更多鞋盒禮物,籍著這些禮物讓更多兒童和家庭領受到寶貴的福音並為他們的救恩禱告。感謝主今年有55個福音尚未觸及之地(鮮少聽聞福音的群體)將會收到鞋盒禮物。


請弟兄姊妹記得將您預備的鞋盒禮物数目電郵至: 以幫助教會計算CIBC禮物總數。期待你的回覆!


若你可以幫忙運輸鞋盒禮物,請於教會網站主頁提供的鏈接處報名。若你需要義工到你家中把已預備好的禮物送到收集處,請與Lannie Mok 姊妹聯絡或電郵至






CIBC粵語堂網上主日崇拜:從11月1日開始,粵語堂網上主日崇拜將在兩個特定時段進行直播。第一段崇拜直播時間是早上8時至9時20分。第二段崇拜直播時間是早上11 時至中午12時20分。粵語堂會眾可選擇在這兩段時間之一參加敬拜。除了在主日這兩個崇拜直播時段外,當天崇拜的錄影要待翌日才可在教會網站上查看。這項新安排是為準備重開教會進行敬拜的第一階段。儘管牧師們將於11月開始每主日上午在教會禮拜堂內帶領崇拜和講道,但禮拜堂在主日還不能開放給我們的會眾崇拜。主日教會禮拜堂仍然關閉。在完成所有符合衛生安全法規和政府命令的準備後,我們將通知會眾,告訴大家如何安全地返回教會敬拜。此外,敬拜小組將繼續預先錄製敬拜環節,當有製定計劃和技術支持後,我們才邀請敬拜小組於主日在教會帶領崇拜。


英文兒童主日敬拜/主日學:敬請注意,英文兒童主日敬拜/主日學時間為每主日早上10時30分至11時30分。此外,英文學齡前幼童 (Pre-school) 主日學時間為每主日早上11时45分至中午12時。


粤语堂幼童主日敬拜(Beginner's Church)和兒童主日敬拜(Children’s Church):粤语堂Beginner's Church (三岁至Kindergarten之幼童) 將於每主日透过Zoom举行網上崇拜,時間為早上9时30分至9时45分。粵語堂Children’s Church (1年級至5年級兒童) 也將於每主日透過Zoom舉行網上崇拜,時間為下午2時至3時。如未收到電郵而有興趣參加者,請致電郵到 登記。謝謝!


主日敬拜: 這主日,11月22日,粵語堂將於兩個特定時段:早上8時正和11時正開始直播主日敬拜。英文堂敬拜將於早上7點開始,通過教會的YouTube頻道提供觀看。普通話堂敬拜將於早上11點開始直播。詳情請查閲教會網站 主頁上的觀看鏈接。


網上奉獻: 現可接受給“慈惠基金Benevolent  Fund”的奉獻。同時為了方便您在網上奉獻,我們現已開通使用信用卡奉獻方式。教會將支付信用卡奉獻所產生的銀行手續費。


奉獻支票也可郵寄到教會, 地址: Chinese Independent Baptist Church Oakland, 280 8th Street, Oakland, CA 94607



AC Transit公車將為所有乘客提供個人防護用品:為防止新冠病毒傳播,Alameda-Contra Costa縣公共交通局 (AC Transit) 近日公佈了一項新的乘車健康安全計劃。此計劃包括給所有乘坐AC Transit公車的乘客提供免費口罩和免洗洗手液,並將於2020年9月15日,週二起開始實行,預計可於2020年10月16日,週五完成所有運行線路公車上領取防護用品設備的安裝。此外,其他乘車健康安全措施,例如保持至少6英尺的社交距離、空調過濾和淨化空氣等也將繼續實行。更多計劃相關詳情,請查詢以下新聞鏈接:










  • “在一个欢乐派对结束之后,你可能因为要收拾派对后家里的凌乱而感到非常辛苦。但请不要忘记,这表示你还有很多朋友。

  • 你觉得缴纳高额的税款很痛苦,但你能纳税是因你有一份工作。

  • 你觉得家里要剪草,清洗窗门,屋顶的排水沟要清理树叶很麻烦。但这表示你拥有一间房屋。

  • 你停车时往往要停在离商场最远的停车位置是因为你仍能行走自如。

  • 在教会敬拜时,你觉得坐在你后面的那位姊妹唱诗歌常常走调,这证明你还拥有灵敏的耳朵。

  • 你抱怨要洗很多衣服,还要熨烫衣服,这是因为你所爱的人还在你身边。”



  • 有人觉得四年一任的总统任期实在太长,难以忍受。但是有很多国家的总统却是终身的。

  • 你常听见很多人抱怨政府这样不好,那样不好。你能听见这些投诉是因为我们仍拥有言论自由。有很多国家的人民只能听到对国家伟大的歌颂和对他们无瑕疵的领袖的褒扬。

  • 有人抱怨我们的 “选举团Electoral College” 制度有缺陷。但在许多国家的词汇中根本没有 “投票、民主、民意测验/民意调查、竞选和辩论” 之类的词汇,更不用说选举了。

  • 观看YouTube主日敬拜视频这么久之后,许多人渴望能亲身参加敬拜。但许多国家甚至没有任何基督徒敬拜的聚会,无论是亲身敬拜或网上敬拜。任何违规就要面对死刑!


当你看见那些所谓 “无法忍受” 的情况时,你是否能体会到神所赐给你的恩惠? 假如你从另一个角度来看那些事情,比起抱怨,你可能会发现更多值得感恩的事情并为此感谢主。请仔细聆听并谨记保罗在帖前5:16-18中的劝勉:“要常常喜乐,不住地祷告,凡事谢恩;因为这是神在基督耶稣里向你们所定的旨意。












全教会感恩节网上聚会:全教会感恩节网上聚会将于11月22日 (主日) ,晚上7点整开始通过Zoom直播举行。敬请弟兄姊妹预留时间参加,聚会链接请上教会网站 主页查询。届时来自南加州的余隽禧弟兄 (Kenny Yu) 和仇慧琳姊妹 (Sarah Sau) 将进行感恩分享,还有特别中英文诗歌敬拜。


普通话堂网上感恩分享聚会:普通话堂网上感恩分享聚会将于11月29日(主日),下午1点30分至3点通过Zoom直播举行。聚会链接请上教会网站 主页查询。


佈置圣诞节活动背景所需道具:Kandace Mok姊妹和Kloe Chan姊妹需要为今年教会网上圣诞节活动搭建一个拍摄背景,此背景将于11月28日至12月3日期间放置在教会图书馆内。在此我们需要向弟兄姊妹借用一些道具来完成背景佈置:


  • 高背椅或摇椅

  • 至少5英尺高的圣诞树

  • 灯串(Stringed Lights)

  • 圣诞袜

  • 灯桌(Lamp Table)

  • 装饰台灯


若您有以上任意一件物品可以借用给我们,请拍一张物品的照片并电邮至 ,或通过Facebook 和电话: (415) 360-4339联络Kandace 或Kloe。她们可以去到您的家中领取物品并在使用之后归还。感谢您的帮助!


11月爱心(慈惠)奉献: 11月所得全部爱心(慈惠)奉献将在圣诞节用于鼓励本会所支持的宣教士。请于奉献时选择并注明爱心(慈惠)奉献。


2021精美中英文月历出售:每本售价为 $2.5。接受现金付款 (请预备好零钱,疫情期间,恕不找零)。若使用支票付款,台头请写: CIBC 。请于12月12日 (周六) 或12月19日 (周六) ,早上10点整至中午12点整到教会9街门口购买、领取月历。 若有其他问题,请电邮至教会


2020 鞋盒礼物事工: 如果您想要通过教会网上奉献系统给「鞋盒礼物事工」奉献,请在奉献时选择 “General Fund”,并在 “Donor Envelope Number”处注明“鞋盒礼物事工”。


11月23日(周一),「全国鞋盒礼物收集週」最后一日! 请为所有参与鞋盒礼物事工的弟兄姊妹的健康和平安祷告。新冠病毒疫情期间,所有礼物收集站都将实行免接触式投放。届时请您打开汽车后备箱,义工会帮忙取出礼物。鞋盒礼物需于11月16日至11月23日期间送到礼物收集站。请于教会网站主页提供的链接查询附近的礼物收集站地址或直接点击:      


感谢主本会目前已收集到350份鞋盒礼物! 不要迟延、赶快行动!每一个鞋盒都是福音的桥梁。请继续为收集到更多鞋盒礼物,籍著这些礼物让更多儿童和家庭领受到宝贵的福音并为他们的救恩祷告。感谢主今年有55个福音尚未触及之地 (鲜少听闻福音的群体) 将会收到鞋盒礼物。


请弟兄姊妹记得将您预备的鞋盒礼物数目电邮至: 以帮助教会计算CIBC礼物总数。期待你的回覆!


若你可以帮忙运输鞋盒礼物,请于教会网站主页提供的链接处报名。若你需要义工到你家中把已预备好的礼物送到收集处,请与Lannie Mok 姊妹联络或电邮至  






CIBC粤语堂网上主日崇拜:从11月1日开始,粤语堂网上主日崇拜将在两个特定时段进行直播。第一段崇拜直播时间是早上8点至9点20分。第二段崇拜直播时间是早上11 点至中午12点20分。粤语堂会众可选择在这两段时间之一参加敬拜。除了在主日这两个崇拜直播时段外,当天崇拜的录影要待次日才可在教会网站上查看。这项新安排是为准备重开教会进行敬拜的第一阶段。尽管牧师们将于11月开始每主日上午在教会礼拜堂内带领崇拜和讲道,但礼拜堂在主日还不能开放给我们的会众崇拜。主日教会礼拜堂仍然关闭。在完成所有符合卫生安全法规和政府命令的准备后,我们将通知会众,告诉大家如何安全地返回教会敬拜。此外,敬拜小组将继续预先录制敬拜环节,当有制定计划和技术支持后,我们才邀请敬拜小组于主日在教会带领崇拜。


英文儿童主日敬拜/主日学:敬请注意,英文儿童主日敬拜/主日学时间为每主日早上10点30分至11点30分。此外,英文学龄前幼童 (Pre-school) 主日学将于每主日早上11点45分开始至中午12点结束。


粤语堂幼童主日敬拜(Beginner's Church)和儿童主日敬拜(Children’s Church):粤语堂Beginner's Church (三岁至Kindergarten之幼童) 将于每主日透过Zoom举行网上崇拜,时间为早上9点30分至9点45分。粵語堂Children’s Church (1年級至5年级儿童) 也將于每主日透過Zoom举行网上崇拜,时间为下午2点至3点。如未收到电邮而有兴趣参加者,请致电邮到 登记。谢谢!


主日敬拜: 这主日,11月22日,粤语堂将于两个特定时段:早上8点整和11点整开始直播主日敬拜。英文堂敬拜将于早上7点开始,通过教会的YouTube频道提供观看。普通话堂敬拜将于早上11点开始直播。详情请查阅教会网站 主页上的观看链接。


网上奉献:现可接受给“慈惠基金Benevolent  Fund”的奉献。同时为了方便您在网上奉献,我们现已开通使用信用卡奉献方式。教会将支付信用卡奉献所产生的银行手续费。


奉献支票也可邮寄到教会, 地址:Chinese Independent Baptist Church Oakland, 280 8th Street, Oakland, CA 94607


AC Transit公车将为所有乘客提供个人防护用品:为防止新冠病毒传播,Alameda-Contra Costa县公共交通局 (AC Transit) 近日公佈了一项新的乘车健康安全计划。此计划包括给所有乘坐AC Transit公车的乘客提供免费口罩和免洗洗手液,并将于2020年9月15日,週二起开始实行,预计可于2020年10月16日,週五完成所有运行线路公车上领取防护用品设备的安装。此外,其他乘车健康安全措施,例如保持至少6英尺的社交距离、空调过滤和淨化空气等也将继续实行。更多计划相关详情,请查询以下新闻链接:









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