Week of June 19th, 2022

Church Updates


Due to recent reports of CIBC members testing positive for COVID in recent weeks and days, CIBC will continue to enforce the requirement for masks to be worn at all times during the month of May, please see our full set of guidelines posted to the church website.


We remind you to continue wearing your mask and use sanitizer. PLEASE DO NOT ATTEND fellowships or services if you are experiencing any symptoms of sickness (sore throat, coughing, fever, etc).  We advise you to get tested and to quarantine.  If you do test positive for Covid, please inform the church office at (510) 452-1772 or contact Deacon Ken Wong at the church so we can begin contact tracing and inform anyone you came in contact with.

On Sunday, June 26th, there will be a General Congregational Meeting in-person only at 12:30pm in the Social Hall. Agenda items will include the introduction and voting of six new member candidates from the English Congregation and a Finance report. For the member vote, we will have absentee ballots available right before GCM in the Social Hall. 


CIBC will be hosting a Summer Bible Camp (6/20-6/24 and 7/25-7/29).  This will be an outreach program for kids in Chinatown.  Online registration is available at https://bit.ly/2022SBC or on the church website. In preparation for the upcoming Summer Bible Camp, please clean out all food items from the church refrigerator no later than June 17th. Thank you for your cooperation! They are looking for leaders for crafts, recreation, closing ceremony, video/photographer and an emcee.  If interested, please fill out the staff recruitment form at the check-in table in Room 101 and drop off the form in the CE mail box. Either Deacon Patrick or Hazel will be there at the check-in table if they need further explanation, or you can also email them at hazelllau@gmail.com


On June 18th  -  GLU (English Young Family Fellowship) walking around Lake Chabot on Saturday, June 18th from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM. Come to the Lake Chabot Boat Dock at 17600 Lake Chabot Rd in Castro Valley.  Summer is the best time for us to do outdoor activities, and it is also an opportunity to build relationships among brothers/sisters in Christ where we can encourage each other in our walks. Feel free to invite friends, relatives and neighbors.  The Evite can be found at http://evite.me/wByfFH6MAN 


The English Caring Ministry will continue to include Jeanette Fong. Brenda Teensma has replaced Junelle Chay in the English Caring Ministry Team. We have established a new email address: cibccaring@gmail.com , accessible by both Brenda and Jeanette. This new email will make it more convenient for you to communicate your prayer needs. You can continue to contact Jeanette Fong via the following personal email: jeanettefong@yahoo.com or at (510) 351-6251 (Home Phone).

The 2022 FLOWER CALENDAR is available for signup. It is posted on the Church Ministry and Church News bulletin board on the hallway. If you wish to sign up, please use the flower envelopes placed on the wall next to the flower calendar, and designate your date(s) to commemorate someone or something.


The Cantonese Tuesday Bible Study class will be live streamed via Zoom from 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM (NO in-person class at church) or from 8:30 PM to 10:00 PM every Tuesday. Starting May 24th, we will be studying the book of Psalms – Book I. If you would like to join the class, please email Pastor Patrick Lai at pastorpatricklai@cibc-oakland.org to register.


The English Youth Fellowships will be meeting in person at CV First Baptist Church in Castro Valley. The address is: 18550 Redwood Road, Castro Valley, CA, 94546. Our regular meeting time will be from 7:30 PM to 9:30 PM on most Friday nights.


The Chinese CPR (College Prep Review) ministry for high school students and New Creation Fellowship for middle school students will be meeting in person on most Saturdays, from 9:30 AM to 12:00 PM.


English Sunday School (adult and youth): The English Sunday School (adult and youth) will be meeting at church after English worship service.


Cantonese Adult Sunday School: The Cantonese Adult Sunday School will have In-Person Only class every Sunday, from 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM, without any more Zoom meetings.


Mandarin Adult Sunday School: Please note that the Mandarin Adult Sunday School will be meeting in-person every Sunday, from 9:30 AM to 10:45 AM, and it will also be live-streamed via Zoom at the same time. Please check the church website at www.cibc-oakland.org for more information.


English Children’s Church/Sunday School: Please note that the English Children's Church will be meeting at church this Sunday. Children should come with their parents to the adult worship time at 9:00 AM. After the worship music, the children will move to room 313 for the rest of the time until about 10:10 AM, and then go to their Sunday School classes.  Children joining from home can join the class at 9:25 AM via Zoom. Parents can pick up their kids after the Sunday School hour. The Pre-school Sunday School starts from 11:45 AM to 12:00 noon via Zoom only.

Cantonese Children Sunday School: The Cantonese Children Sunday School will be meeting in-person only every Sunday, from 9:45 AM to 10:45 AM.  All students will be meeting in Room 320, and different room assignments in the future.


Cantonese Children’s Worship and Beginner’s Church: Please note that the Cantonese Children’s Worship (1st -5th Grade) will start from 11:00 AM to 12:30 PM in-person ONLY at church (Room 221 and 322) this Sunday. The Cantonese Beginner’s Church (3 years old to Kindergarten) will be meeting in-person ONLY at church this Sunday at 11:00 AM.  If you would like to join the worship, please email us at children@cibc-oakland.org to register.


Sunday Worship:  This Sunday, 6/19, the English in-church worship service will begin at 9:00 AM and will also be live-streamed on Youtube at the same time. The Cantonese in-church worship service will begin at 11:00 AM and will also be live-streamed on Youtube. The Mandarin in-church worship service will begin at 11:00 AM and will also be live-streamed from church. Check the CIBC website at www.cibc-oakland.org for links. The parking lot is available to everyone on a first come first serve basis.

Online Giving: https://www.cibc-oakland.org/online-giving We can now accept separate donations for the Benevolent Fund and we’ve set it up to accept credit card donations for your convenience. The church will pay the credit card fee from the bank.


Offering and benevolent donation can also be sent by mail to the church at Chinese Independent Baptist Church Oakland, 280 8th Street, Oakland, CA 94607.






再次提醒大家,請繼續佩戴口罩、勤洗手或使用免洗洗手液。若您有任何身體不適的症狀(例如:喉嚨痛、咳嗽和發燒等),請不要參加實體團契聚會和主日敬拜,建議您立刻進行病毒檢測和自我隔離,如果您確定自己的檢測結果是陽性,請儘快通知教會辦公室 (電話:(510) 452-1772 ) 或聯係黃健明執事(Deacon Ken Wong),我們會馬上追蹤和聯係其他密切接觸者。


6月26日會眾議事會 (GCM): 會眾議事會將於6月26日,主日下午12點30分在副堂(Social Hall) 實體舉行。 議程包括:  投票通過6位英文堂新會友候選人和最新財政報告。若您當日無法參加實體會議,會衆議事會開始前可在副堂(Social Hall)進行缺席投票 (投票只限於教會會友)。


第一期實體 “兒童夏令聖經營Summer Bible Camp” 將於6月20日至6月24日舉行;第二期是7月25日至7月29日。我們盼望透過此次外展活動向屋崙華埠的兒童傳福音。網上報名鏈接: https://bit.ly/2022SBC 或查詢教會網站主頁。敬請注意:為準備夏令聖經營,教會的冰箱和雪櫃需要清空,請於6月17日(週五)前領取所有屬於團契和個人的物品。多謝您的合作!若您有興趣加入事工,請在101室或大堂外走廊樓梯旁的攤位索取同工招募表,填好後放入基教部郵箱。若有任何問題,請聯係Hazel Lau姊妹和 Patrick Lau 執事: hazelllau@gmail.com


英文堂Young Family團契將於6月18日,星期六下午3點至5點在Lake Chabot進行散步活動,集合地點:Lake Chabot Boat Dock at 17600 Lake Chabot Rd in Castro Valley。歡迎大家邀請親朋好友一起來參加此次夏日戶外活動,彼此建立緊密的關係,在散步中互相鼓勵。網上Evite報名鏈接:http://evite.me/wByfFH6MAN


英文堂關懷事工小組: Jeanette Fong姊妹將繼續在關懷小組事奉,Brenda Teensma姊妹將代替Junelle Chay加入小組。若您有任何代禱事項,請電郵至新的email地址:cibccaring@gmail.com  聯絡Brenda 和Jeanette姊妹。或者您也可以單獨聯絡Jeanette Fong姊妹,email地址: jeanettefong@yahoo.com 或家庭電話: (510) 351-6251。

2022年鮮花奉獻登記表已貼在走廊處。有意奉獻者,請預先使用鮮花奉獻封 (在登記表旁邊),並註明鮮花奉獻及鮮花擺放日期,支票抬頭請寫:CIBC 。謹代表教會多謝您為鮮花作的奉獻。


星期二粵語查經班將於每週二早上10時至11時30分或晚上8時30分至10時在網上通過Zoom進行 (沒有實體課程),5月24日開始查考《詩篇-卷一》。若需報名參加,請電郵黎伯樂牧師 pastorpatricklai@cibc-oakland.org  


英文青少年團契將在Castro Valley First Baptist Church實體聚會。地址: 18550 Redwood Road, Castro Valley, CA, 94546 ,聚會大部分時間為:每週五晚7時30分至9時30分。


週六初中生New Creation (新生青少年團契) 和高中生CPR大學衝刺補習班大部分聚會時間為:每週六早上9時30分至中午12時在教會 (313室和315室)實體聚會。


英文成人主日學和英文青少年主日學:  英文成人主日學和英文青少年主日學將於英文堂主日敬拜結束後在教會實體進行。


粵語成人主日學:敬請注意,粵語成人主日學將於每主日早上9時30分至10時30分,只在教會進行實體課程 (沒有網上Zoom直播)。




英文兒童主日敬拜/主日學: 敬請注意,英文兒童主日敬拜 (1年級至5年級)將於每主日早上在教會進行實體敬拜。届時孩子們將與父母一起先在大堂參加主日早上9點開始的英文堂成人敬拜,頌贊結束後,孩子們將會去313室參加兒童敬拜至10時10分左右結束,然後去主日學課程。參加網上英文兒童主日敬拜的孩子可於主日早上9時25分通過Zoom加入。父母可於主日學結束後去接孩子。Pre-school幼童主日學暫時仍只在網上透過Zoom進行,時間是早上11時45分至中午12時。


粵語兒童主日學:每主日早上9時45分至10時45分在教會進行實體課程 (沒有網上Zoom直播)。所有學生將在320室上課,日後再安排去其他教室。

粤语兒童主日敬拜 (Children’s Worship)和幼童主日敬拜 (Beginner's Church):粵語堂Children’s Worship (1年級至5年級兒童) 將於每主日,早上11時正開始至中午12時30分在教會(221室和322室)舉行實體兒童敬拜 (沒有網上Zoom敬拜)。粤语堂Beginner's Church (三岁至Kindergarten之幼童) 也將於每主日,早上11時正開始在教會舉行實體幼童敬拜 (沒有網上Zoom敬拜)如未收到電郵而有興趣參加者,請電郵至children@cibc-oakland.org 登記。

主日敬拜:  這主日,6月19日,英文堂將於早上9時正開始在教會大堂實體敬拜。粵語堂將於早上11時正開始在教會大堂實體敬拜。普通話堂將於早上11時正開始在教會交誼廳實體敬拜。各堂主日敬拜網絡直播將同步進行。詳情請查閲教會網站www.cibc-oakland.org 主頁上的觀看鏈接。教會旁邊的停車場將在主日敬拜期間向所有來參加聚會的會衆開放。停車位先到先得。

網上奉獻https://www.cibc-oakland.org/online-giving 現可接受給“慈惠基金Benevolent  Fund”的奉獻。同時為了方便您在網上奉獻,我們現已開通使用信用卡奉獻方式。教會將支付信用卡奉獻所產生的銀行手續費。


奉獻支票也可郵寄到教會,地址: Chinese Independent Baptist Church Oakland, 280 8th Street, Oakland, CA 94607






再次提醒大家,请继续佩戴口罩、勤洗手或使用免洗洗手液。若您有任何身体不适的症状(例如:喉咙痛、咳嗽和发烧等),请不要参加实体团契聚会和主日敬拜,建议您立刻进行病毒检测和自我隔离,如果您确定自己的检测结果是阳性,请尽快通知教会办公室 (电话:(510) 452-1772 ) 或联系黄健明执事(Deacon Ken Wong),我们会马上追踪和联系其他密切接触者

第一期实体 “儿童夏令圣经营Summer Bible Camp” 将于6月20日至6月24日举行;第二期是7月25日至7月29日。我们盼望透过此次外展活动向屋仑华埠的儿童传福音。网上报名链接: https://bit.ly/2022SBC 或查询教会网站主页。敬请注意:为准备夏令圣经营,教会的冰箱和雪柜需要清空,请于6月17日(周五)前领取所有属于团契和个人的物品。多谢您的合作!若您有兴趣加入事工,请在101室或大堂外走廊楼梯旁的摊位索取同工招募表,填好后放入基教部邮箱。若有任何问题,请联系Hazel Lau姊妹和 Patrick Lau 执事: hazelllau@gmail.com


6月26日会众议事会 (GCM): 会众议事会将于6月26日,主日下午12点30分在副堂(Social Hall) 实体举行。议程包括: 投票通过6位英文堂新会友候选人和最新财政报告。若您当日无法参加实体会议,会众议事会开始前可在副堂(Social Hall)进行缺席投票 (投票只限于教会会友)。


英文堂Young Family团契将于6月18日,星期六下午3点至5点在Lake Chabot进行散步活动,集合地点:Lake Chabot Boat Dock at 17600 Lake Chabot Rd in Castro Valley。欢迎大家邀请亲朋好友一起来参加此次夏日户外活动,彼此建立紧密的关系,在散步中互相鼓励。网上Evite报名链接:http://evite.me/wByfFH6MAN

英文堂关怀事工小组: Jeanette Fong姊妹将继续在关怀小组事奉,Brenda Teensma姊妹将代替Junelle Chay加入小组。若您有任何代祷事项,请电邮至新的email地址:cibccaring@gmail.com  联络Brenda 和Jeanette姊妹。或者您也可以单独联络Jeanette Fong姊妹,email地址: jeanettefong@yahoo.com 或家庭电话: (510) 351-6251。

2022年鲜花奉献登记表已贴在走廊处。有意奉献者,请预先使用鲜花奉献封 (在登记表旁边),并注明鲜花奉献及鲜花摆放日期,支票抬头请写:CIBC 。谨代表教会多谢您为鲜花作的奉献。


星期二粤语查经班将于每周二早上10时至11时30分或晚上8时30分至10时在网上通过Zoom进行 (没有实体课程),5月24日开始,查经班将查考《诗篇-卷一》。若需报名参加,请电邮黎伯乐牧师 pastorpatricklai@cibc-oakland.org  


英文青少年团契将在Castro Valley First Baptist Church实体聚会。地址: 18550 Redwood Road, Castro Valley, CA, 94546 ,聚会大部分时间为:每周五晚7时30分至9时30分。


周六初中生New Creation (新生青少年团契) 和高中生CPR大学冲刺补习班大部分聚会时间为:每周六早上9时30分至中午12时在教会 (313室和315室)实体聚会。


英文成人主日学和英文青少年主日学:  英文成人主日学和英文青少年主日学将于英文堂主日敬拜结束后在教会实体进行。


粤语成人主日学:敬请注意,粤语成人主日学将于每主日早上9时30分至10时30分,只在教会进行实体课程 (没有网上Zoom直播)。




英文儿童主日敬拜/主日学: 敬请注意,英文儿童主日敬拜 (1年级至5年级)将于每主日早上在教会进行实体敬拜。届时孩子们将与父母一起先在大堂参加主日早上9点开始的英文堂成人敬拜,颂赞结束后,孩子们将会去313室参加儿童敬拜至10时10分左右结束,然后去主日学课程。参加网上英文儿童主日敬拜的孩子可于主日早上9时25分通过Zoom加入。父母可于主日学结束后去接孩子。Pre-school幼童主日学暂时仍只在网上透过Zoom进行,时间是早上11时45分至中午12时。

粤语儿童主日学: 每主日早上9时45分至10时45分在教会进行实体课程 (没有网上Zoom直播)。所有学生将在320室上课,日后再安排去其他教室。


粤语儿童主日敬拜 (Children’s Worship)和幼童主日敬拜 (Beginner's Church):粤语堂Children’s Worship (1年级至5年级儿童) 将于每主日,早上11时正开始至中午12时30分在教会(221室和322室)举行实体儿童敬拜 (没有网上Zoom敬拜)。粤语堂Beginner's Church (三岁至Kindergarten之幼童) 也将于每主日,早上11时正开始在教会举行实体幼童敬拜 (没有网上Zoom敬拜)如未收到电邮而有兴趣参加者,请电邮至children@cibc-oakland.org 登记。

主日敬拜:  这主日,6月19日,英文堂将于早上9时正开始在教会大堂实体敬拜。粤语堂将于早上11时正开始在教会大堂实体敬拜。普通话堂将于早上11时正开始在教会交谊厅实体敬拜。各堂主日敬拜网络直播将同步进行。详情请查阅教会网站www.cibc-oakland.org 主页上的观看链接。教会旁边的停车场将在主日敬拜期间向所有来参加聚会的会众开放。停车位先到先得。

网上奉献https://www.cibc-oakland.org/online-giving现可接受给“慈惠基金Benevolent  Fund”的奉献。同时为了方便您在网上奉献,我们现已开通使用信用卡奉献方式。教会将支付信用卡奉献所产生的银行手续费。


奉献支票也可邮寄到教会,地址: Chinese Independent Baptist Church Oakland, 280 8th Street, Oakland, CA 94607