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Week of October 18th, 2020


(Warning! You may find the following very abstract.)


Dear brothers and sisters,


The 2020 Physics Nobel Prize was awarded for the research of Black Hole—a consequence of Einstein’s theory. In his theory time is unified with space. Indeed, time is the most abstract thing in our life. What is time? We can easily experience our 3-D space just by walking around. But how do you perceive time? You can only see the representation of time, such as the moving of the sundial shadow or the clock hands. Those are not “time,” just our attempt to visualize it. How can you fathom Psalm 90:2 “from everlasting to everlasting you are God”? “Time” alone is already very abstract, “everlasting” is even more so, for it deals with infinity. The Holy Spirit reveals something even more astounding, 2 Peter 3:8 “a single day is like a thousand years with the Lord and a thousand years are like a single day.”


“Time” for human beings is analogous to an ant walking on a thin wire (1-time dimension). We can only wait for the future and cannot go back to the past (“Back to the Future” is just sci-fi.)  Because we are confined along this “thin wire,” we have a hard time comprehending concepts such as “God holds tomorrow,” as we often sing.  God is not confined even in a multi-time dimension. He can easily move to the future as well as to the past and intervene. To one time-dimension it is a thousand years, but to another time-dimension, it is just a single day.


But then, does he really hold tomorrow and can intervene? If He can truly see the future and hold tomorrow, why does this happen to me? Why did the coronavirus floating in the air end up in my lung and multiply? (God actually knows, since His creation, the exact paths of all those millions of atoms forming that virus.) Why did the genetic code in my DNA flip and led to the cells multiplying exponentially and becoming a malignant tumor? Why did that drunk guy didn’t stop causing my spine to dislodge completely? Why did I grow up in that family and turned my life upside down? And there are still many other “whys” you ask. To be honest with you, I am not able to answer even one of those whys. But God answers all your “whys” with a “HOW”.


Rom 8:32 He who did not spare his own Son but gave him up for us all, HOW will he not also with him graciously give us all things? … 35 Who shall separate us from the love of Christ? Shall tribulation, or distress, or persecution, or famine, or nakedness, or danger, or sword? …37 No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. 38 For I am sure that neither death nor life, nor angels nor rulers, nor things present nor things to come, nor powers, 39 nor height nor depth, nor anything else in all creation, will be able to separate us from the love of God in Christ Jesus our Lord.


No, I do not know why, but I do know that my Lord Jesus Christ died for my sin on the cross so that I can receive the free gift of everlasting life, all because of His love for me. No, I do not know why, but I do trust His love for me. He had proven it on the cross. One day I will know the answer to all my whys. At that time, I will not be interested in the whys anymore, but how to worship my God and Savior to eternity!

Brothers and sisters, almost with 100% certainty you will one day ask “why?” When you do, may I encourage you to ponder upon God’s “HOW”!


In Him,


Pastor Larry

Church Updates

CIBC Cantonese On-line Worship: Starting in November 1st, CIBC Cantonese on-line worship will be live-streamed at two specific times. The first live-stream worship will be from 8am-9:20am. The second recorded live-stream service will be from 11am-12:20pm. Our Cantonese congregation will join our Sunday worship at one of these specific times. However, beside these two live-streamed worship times, the worship service recorded on Sunday will not be available for viewing on the church website until the next day. This new arrangement is the first phase of preparing to reopen the church for in-house worship services at 8am and 11am.  Even though the pastors will lead and preach in the worship services at church every Sunday morning starting in November, the church is not open for worship to our congregation on Sunday. The church building will remain close on Sunday. When all preparations to comply with health regulations and orders are completed, we will advise the congregation of how all of us can safely return to church for worship. The worship teams will continue to lead our worships through pre-recorded worship segments. When a plan and technical support is available, the church will invite the worship teams to lead the worship at church on Sunday.


All Church Thanksgiving: Please mark your calendars for Sunday, November 22nd at 7:00PM.  We will be having an online All Church Thanksgiving Program.  The link will be posted to the CIBC website.  Our special guests will be Sarah and Kenny sharing from Southern California as well as special music in English and Chinese.  We would like to create a photo and video montage (collection) with photos and videos from you sharing what you are thankful for.  Please either take a family photo and let us know in the email what you are thankful for or you can do a short video (no more than 1 minute) and say what your family is thankful for.  Please email your photos or videos to by Nov 13th.  Questions can also be sent to that email address.


General Congregation Meeting (GCM) on 11/15:  There will be a GCM (General Congregational Meeting) on Sunday, November 15 from 3:00 PM to 5:00 PM via Zoom.  Links to the meeting will be posted on the church website.  


The agenda will include:

1.   2021 Church Council Election

2.   2021 Budget Proposal

3.   COVID-19 Community Care Team (CCC) & Benevolent Fund update

4.   Finance year-to-date update


Shoebox Ministry Update: To donate online to the Shoebox Ministry, please donate to the General Fund and earmark it to the “Love Offering for Shoebox Ministry” in the Donor Envelope Number field.


Shoebox Ministry (Operation Christmas Child) may look different this year, but it is an especially important ministry in a time like this. Please check the church website at or for more details regarding the assembling and collecting of the shoeboxes. Boxes need to be dropped off between 11/16 and 11/13 at designated drop off locations (Redwood Chapel in Castro Valley is one of them). If you have any questions, please contact Lannie Mok at


There will also be an option to pack virtual shoeboxes online. You can find more information through the link below:

English Children’s Church/Sunday School: Please note that the integrated English Children’s Church with Sunday School will start from 10:30am to 11:30am this Sunday, then Pre-school Sunday School starts from 11:45am to 12:00 noon.


Cantonese Beginner’s Church and Children’s Church: Please note that the Cantonese Beginner’s Church (3 years old to Kindergarten) will start from 9:30am to 9:45am through Zoom this Sunday, and the Cantonese Children’s Church (1st -5th Grade) will start from 2:00pm to 3:00 pm. If you haven't received an email notice yet and would like to join the worship, please email us at to register. Thank you!


Sunday Worship: This Sunday, 10/18, the Cantonese and English Services will be available on our Youtube channel beginning at 7:00 AM and the Mandarin Service will be broadcast on Zoom.  Check the CIBC website at for links.

Online Giving: We can now accept separate donations for the Benevolent Fund and we’ve set it up to accept credit card donations for your convenience.  The church will pay the credit card fee from the bank.


Offering and benevolent donation can also be sent by mail to the church at Chinese Independent Baptist Church Oakland, 280 8th Street, Oakland, CA 94607.



Community Announcement


The Alameda-Contra Costa Transit District (AC Transit) recently unveiled a new onboard health and safety plan in coping with COVID-19.  The plan includes free facemasks and hand sanitizer dispensers for all AC Transit riders. The roll out of free face masks and sanitizer dispensers will begin service Tuesday, September 15, 2020 with expected completion of the entire fleet by Friday, October 16, 2020. Additional safety measures such as onboard physical distancing of at least 6 feet and filtered and cleaner air are also being implemented. For details in the AC Transit complete onboard health and safety plan, please check the link below:


Vote-By-Mail Ballot for the November 3, 2020 General Election: As many of us are aware that all California voters will receive a vote-by-mail ballot for the November 3, 2020 General Election due to the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19. If you are planning to vote-by-mail, you may be interested to know that you can now get critical updates on your ballot through California’s official “Where’s My Ballot?” tracking tool. If interested, you can sign up via:









2020年的諾貝爾物理學獎是頒發給研究黑洞的科學家。黑洞的理論是基於愛因斯坦的相對論,就是統一時間和空間的理論。時間可以說是人生中最抽象的一個觀念。時間是什麽? 我們只需走動一下就可以體會三維空間的存在。但你如何可以體驗時間呢? 你只能用其他事物來代表時間,譬如說,用日晷的陰影移動,或者用時鐘指針的移動來代表時間。那些實物並不是時間,只不過是我們嘗試把抽象的時間形象化,讓大家能看見。我們又該如何去理解詩篇90:2所說的“從永恆到永恆你是神”? 單單是時間已經那麽難理解,更何況是永恆呢? 因為永恆牽涉到無限大的概念。此外,聖靈又給我們更震驚的啟示,彼後3:8 說:“…主看一日如千年,千年如一日”。


“時間”好比一只螞蟻在一條鋼線上爬行 (1-維時間) 。人類只能等待未來的來臨,卻不能回到過去 (“回到未來Back to the Future”只是科幻小說而已) 。因為人類的經歷被限制在這條“鋼線” 上,所以我們很難理解神究竟如何改變過去、掌管明天,像我們所唱的詩歌一樣。但是,神根本不受任何“時間”的限制!祂可以輕易地走向未來,也不受攔阻地回到過去。就是在多維的時間中(multi-time dimension) ,神也不受任何的限制。從一個時間維度來看,好像是千年,但從另外一個時間維度來看,只是一日。  


神是否真的掌管明天,並能干預發生在我們身上的事情嗎? 假如祂真的可以看見未來並掌管明天,為什麽這事情會發生在我身上? 為什麽那漂浮在空中的新冠病毒卻最終落在我的肺裏,並不斷繁殖呢? (其實,形成冠狀病毒的那數十萬原子,從創造以來,每一粒原子的軌跡,神都知道得一清二楚) 。為什麽我身體裏面的基因密碼打亂了,以致那細胞不斷倍增,變成惡性腫瘤? 為什麽那醉酒漢沒有剎車,以致我的脊椎完全移位呢? 為什麽我出生在這樣的家庭裏,以致我的生命完全顛倒了呢? 還有很多“為什麽”你會想問。很坦白地對你說,我無法回答其中任何一個“為什麽”。但是神卻用“豈不how”來回答你所有的“為什麽”。


羅8:32神既不愛惜自己的兒子,為我們眾人舍了,豈不也把萬物和他一同白白地賜給我們嗎?… 35誰能使我們與基督的愛隔絕呢? 難道是患難嗎? 是困苦嗎? 是逼迫嗎? 是飢餓嗎? 是赤身露體嗎?是危險嗎? 是刀劍嗎? … 37然而,靠著愛我們的主,在這一切的事上已經得勝有余了。38因為我深信無論是死,是生,是天使,是掌權的,是有能的,是現在的事,是將來的事,39是高處的,是低處的,是別的受造之物,都不能叫我們與神的愛隔絕;這愛是在我們的主基督耶穌裏的。




親愛的弟兄姊妹,我差不多百分之一百肯定,將來你必定會問“為什麽? ”但當你問的時候,請你再一次思考神的“豈不how”!







CIBC粵語堂網上崇拜:從11月1日開始,CIBC粵語堂網上崇拜將在兩個特定時間進行直播。第一段崇拜直播時間將於 8 am-9:20am 進行。第二段崇拜直播時間將從11 am-12:20pm 進行。 粵語堂會眾可以在這兩段時間之一參加我們的敬拜。除了在主日這兩個崇拜時段外,當天崇拜的錄影要待翌日才可在教會網站查看。這項新安排是為準備重開教會進行敬拜的第一階段。儘管牧師們將在11月開始每周日上午在禮拜堂內帶領崇拜和講道,但禮拜堂在周日還不能開放給我們的會眾崇拜。禮拜堂大樓在周日仍然關閉。在完成所有符合衛生法規和命令的準備後,我們將通告會眾大家如何可以安全地返回禮拜堂敬拜。敬拜小組將繼續通過預先錄影的敬拜環節帶領會眾崇拜,當有製定計劃和技術支持後,我們才邀請敬拜小組在周日帶領崇拜。


全教會感恩節網上聚會:全教會感恩節網上聚會將於11月22日 (主日) ,晚上7時正通過Zoom直播舉行。敬請弟兄姊妹預留時間參加,聚會鏈接稍後將公佈在教會網站上 。屆時來自南加州的余雋禧弟兄 (Kenny Yu) 和仇慧琳姊妹 (Sarah Sau) 將進行分享,還有特別中英文詩歌敬拜。此外,我們希望製作一個感恩相冊視頻,在此向大家徵集素材。請您拍攝一張家庭照,並附上您想要感恩的話語電郵給我們,或錄製一段視頻記錄您和家人的感恩事項 (不超過1分鐘) ,所有素材請於11月13日前電郵至 (若您有任何其他問題,也可電郵至此郵箱) 。


11月15日會眾議事會 (GCM): 會眾議事會將於11月15日 (主日) ,下午3點至5點在網上通過Zoom舉行。屆時請於教會網站主頁www.cibc-oakland.org查詢網上會議鏈接。



  1. 2021年教會值理會成員選舉  (投票只限於教會會友)

  2. 投票通過2021年度財政預算 (投票只限於教會會友)

  3. 新冠病毒疫情社區關懷事工和慈惠基金的最新動態

  4. 最新財政報告


2020 鞋盒禮物事工: 如果您想要通過教會網上奉獻系統給「鞋盒禮物事工」奉獻,請在奉獻時選擇 “General Fund”,並於 “Donor Envelope Number”處注明“鞋盒禮物事工”。


由於目前新冠病毒疫情影響,今年的「鞋盒禮物事工」將會有所不同,但我們仍希望抓住這每年一次的寶貴機會來傳揚主愛。更多「2020鞋盒禮物事工」詳情,請查詢 或教會網站主頁 。鞋盒禮物需於11月16日至11月23日期間送到禮物收集站 (位於Castro Valley的Redwood Chapel是其中一個收集站點) 。如果您有任何問題,請電郵Lannie Mok (饒論賢)姊妹至




英文兒童主日敬拜/主日學:敬請注意,英文兒童主日敬拜/主日學時間為每主日早上10時30分至11時30分。此外,英文學齡前幼童 (Pre-school) 主日學時間為每主日早上11时45分至中午12時正。


粤语堂幼童主日敬拜(Beginner's Church)和兒童主日敬拜(Children’s Church):粤语堂Beginner's Church (三岁至Kindergarten之幼童) 將於每主日透过Zoom举行網上崇拜,時間為早上9时30分至9时45分。粵語堂Children’s Church (1年級至5年級兒童) 也將於每主日透過Zoom舉行網上崇拜,時間為下午2時正至3時正。如未收到電郵而有興趣參加者,請致電郵到 登記。謝謝!


主日敬拜: 這主日,10月18日,粵語堂和英文堂敬拜將於早上7點開始,通過教會的YouTube頻道提供觀看。普通話堂敬拜將於早上11點通過Zoom直播。詳情請查閲教會網站 主頁上的觀看鏈接。


網上奉獻 現可接受給“慈惠基金Benevolent  Fund”的奉獻。同時為了方便您在網上奉獻,我們現已開通使用信用卡奉獻方式。教會將支付信用卡奉獻所產生的銀行手續費。


奉獻支票也可郵寄到教會, 地址: Chinese Independent Baptist Church Oakland, 280 8th Street, Oakland, CA 94607



AC Transit公車將為所有乘客提供個人防護用品:為防止新冠病毒傳播,Alameda-Contra Costa縣公共交通局 (AC Transit) 近日公佈了一項新的乘車健康安全計劃。此計劃包括給所有乘坐AC Transit公車的乘客提供免費口罩和免洗洗手液,並將於2020年9月15日,週二起開始實行,預計可於2020年10月16日,週五完成所有運行線路公車上領取防護用品設備的安裝。此外,其他乘車健康安全措施,例如保持至少6英尺的社交距離、空調過濾和淨化空氣等也將繼續實行。更多計劃相關詳情,請查詢以下新聞鏈接:


郵寄選票: 相信大部份弟兄姊妹應該已經知曉,因新冠病毒疫情影響,所有加州登記選民都將收到一份2020年11月3日大選的郵寄選票。若您計劃使用郵寄選票的方式進行投票,

您可能有興趣知道,現在可以通過加州官方選票追蹤網站“Where’s My Ballot?”獲取您個人選票的最新信息。詳情查詢,請登錄












2020年的诺贝尔物理学奖是颁发给研究黑洞的科学家。黑洞的理论是基于爱因斯坦的相对论,就是统一时间和空间的理论。时间可以说是人生中最抽象的一个观念。时间是什么? 我们只需走动一下就可以体会三维空间的存在。但你如何可以体验时间呢? 你只能用其他事物来代表时间,譬如说,用日晷的阴影移动,或者用时钟指针的移动来代表时间。那些实物并不是时间,只不过是我们尝试把抽象的时间形象化,让大家能看见。我们又该如何去理解诗篇90:2所说的“从永恒到永恒你是神”? 单单是时间已经那么难理解,更何况是永恒呢? 因为永恒牵涉到无限大的概念。此外,圣灵又给我们更震惊的启示,彼后3:8 说:“…主看一日如千年,千年如一日”。


“时间”好比一只蚂蚁在一条钢丝上爬行 (1-维时间) 。人类只能等待未来的来临,却不能回到过去 (“回到未来Back to the Future” 只是科幻小说而已) 。因为人类的经历被限制在这条“钢丝”上,所以我们很难理解神究竟如何改变过去、掌管明天,像我们所唱的诗歌一样。但是,神根本不受任何 “时间” 的限制!祂可以轻易地走向未来,也不受拦阻地回到过去。就是在多维的时间中(multi-time dimension) ,神也不受任何的限制。从一个时间维度来看,好像是千年,但从另外一个时间维度来看,只是一日。


神是否真的掌管明天,并能干预发生在我们身上的事情吗? 假如祂真的可以看见未来并掌管明天,为什么这事情会发生在我身上? 为什么那漂浮在空中的新冠病毒却最终落在我的肺里,并不断繁殖呢? (其实,形成冠状病毒的那数十万原子,从创造以来,每一粒原子的轨迹,神都知道得一清二楚) 。为什么我身体里面的基因密码打乱了,以致那细胞不断倍增,变成恶性肿瘤? 为什么那醉酒汉没有刹车,以致我的脊椎完全移位呢? 为什么我出生在这样的家庭里,以致我的生命完全颠倒了呢? 还有很多 “为什么” 你会想问。很坦白地对你说,我无法回答其中任何一个 “为什么” 。但是神却用 “岂不how” 来回答你所有的 “为什么”。


罗8:32神既不爱惜自己的儿子,为我们众人舍了,岂不也把万物和他一同白白地赐给我们吗?… 35谁能使我们与基督的爱隔绝呢? 难道是患难吗? 是困苦吗? 是逼迫吗? 是饥饿吗? 是赤身露体吗?是危险吗? 是刀剑吗? … 37然而,靠着爱我们的主,在这一切的事上已经得胜有余了。38因为我深信无论是死,是生,是天使,是掌权的,是有能的,是现在的事,是将来的事,39是高处的,是低处的,是别的受造之物,都不能叫我们与神的爱隔绝;这爱是在我们的主基督耶稣里的。


不错,我不知道为什么,但我却知道我主耶稣基督为我的罪钉身在十字架上,叫我可以白白得着永生,全因为祂对我的爱。不错,我不知道为什么,但我却信靠祂对我的爱。祂在十字架上已经完全证明出来。有一天我们必定完全知道那些 “为什么” 的答案。但到那一天,我根本不会再有兴趣追问,我只想永永远远地敬拜我的救主—我的神。


亲爱的弟兄姊妹,我差不多百分之一百肯定,将来你必定会问“为什么? ”但当你问的时候,请你再一次思考神的 “岂不how”!







CIBC粤语堂网上崇拜:从11月1日开始,CIBC粤语堂网上崇拜将在两个特定时间进行直播。第一段崇拜直播时间将于 8 am-9:20am 进行。第二段崇拜直播时间将从11 am-12:20pm 进行。 粤语堂会众可以在这两段时间之一参加我们的敬拜。除了在主日这两个崇拜时段外,当天崇拜的录影要待翌日才可在教会网站查看。这项新安排是为准备重开教会进行敬拜的第一阶段。尽管牧师们将在11月开始每周日上午在礼拜堂内带领崇拜和讲道,但礼拜堂在周日还不能开放给我们的会众崇拜。礼拜堂大楼在周日仍然关闭。在完成所有符合卫生法规和命令的准备后,我们将通告会众大家如何可以安全地返回礼拜堂敬拜。敬拜小组将继续通过预先录影的敬拜环节带领会众崇拜,当有制定计划和技术支持后,我们才邀请敬拜小组在周日带领崇拜。

全教会感恩节网上聚会:全教会感恩节网上聚会将于11月22日 (主日) ,晚上7点整通过Zoom直播举行。敬请弟兄姊妹预留时间参加,聚会链接稍后将公佈在教会网站上 。届时来自南加州的余隽禧弟兄 (Kenny Yu) 和仇慧琳姊妹 (Sarah Sau) 将进行分享,还有特别中英文诗歌敬拜。此外,我们希望製作一个感恩相册视频,在此向大家徵集素材。请您拍摄一张家庭照,并附上您想要感恩的话语电邮给我们,或录製一段视频记录您和家人的感恩事项 (不超过1分钟) ,所有素材请于11月13日前电邮至 (若您有任何其他问题,也可电邮至此邮箱) 。


11月15日会众议事会 (GCM): 会众议事会将于11月15日 (主日) ,下午3点至5点在网上通过Zoom举行。届时请于教会网站主页 查询网上会议链接。



1.   2021年教会值理会成员选举 (投票只限于教会会友)

2.   投票通过2021年度财政预算 (投票只限于教会会友)

3.   新冠病毒疫情社区关怀事工和慈惠基金的最新动态

4.   最新财政报告


2020 鞋盒礼物事工: 如果您想要通过教会网上奉献系统给「鞋盒礼物事工」奉献,请在奉献时选择 “General Fund”,并于 “Donor Envelope Number”处注明“鞋盒礼物事工”。


由于目前新冠病毒疫情影响,今年的「鞋盒礼物事工」将会有所不同,但我们仍希望抓住这每年一次的宝贵机会来传扬主爱。更多「2020鞋盒礼物事工」详情,请查询 或教会网站主页 。鞋盒礼物需于11月16日至11月23日期间送到礼物收集站 (位于Castro Valley的Redwood Chapel是其中一个收集站点) 。如果您有任何问题,请电邮Lannie Mok (饶论贤)姊妹至:




英文儿童主日敬拜/主日学:敬请注意,英文儿童主日敬拜/主日学时间为每主日早上10点30分至11点30分。此外,英文学龄前幼童 (Pre-school) 主日学将于每主日早上11点45分开始至中午12点结束。


粤语堂幼童主日敬拜(Beginner's Church)和儿童主日敬拜(Children’s Church):粤语堂Beginner's Church (三岁至Kindergarten之幼童) 将于每主日透过Zoom举行网上崇拜,时间为早上9点30分至9点45分。粵語堂Children’s Church (1年級至5年级儿童) 也將于每主日透過Zoom举行网上崇拜,时间为下午2点至3点。如未收到电邮而有兴趣参加者,请致电邮到 登记。谢谢!


主日敬拜: 这主日,10月18日,粤语堂和英文堂敬拜将于早上7点开始,通过教会的YouTube频道提供观看。普通话堂敬拜将于早上11点通过Zoom直播。详情请查閲教会网站 主页上的观看链接。


网上奉献现可接受给“慈惠基金Benevolent  Fund”的奉献。同时为了方便您在网上奉献,我们现已开通使用信用卡奉献方式。教会将支付信用卡奉献所产生的银行手续费。


奉献支票也可邮寄到教会, 地址:Chinese Independent Baptist Church Oakland, 280 8th Street, Oakland, CA 94607


AC Transit公车将为所有乘客提供个人防护用品:为防止新冠病毒传播,Alameda-Contra Costa县公共交通局 (AC Transit) 近日公佈了一项新的乘车健康安全计划。此计划包括给所有乘坐AC Transit公车的乘客提供免费口罩和免洗洗手液,并将于2020年9月15日,週二起开始实行,预计可于2020年10月16日,週五完成所有运行线路公车上领取防护用品设备的安装。此外,其他乘车健康安全措施,例如保持至少6英尺的社交距离、空调过滤和淨化空气等也将继续实行。更多计划相关详情,请查询以下新闻链接:


邮寄选票: 相信大部份弟兄姊妹应该已经知晓,因新冠病毒疫情影响,所有加州登记选民都将收到一份2020年11月3日大选的邮寄选票。若您计划使用邮寄选票的方式进行投票,

您可能有兴趣知道,现在可以通过加州官方选票追踪网站“Where’s My Ballot?”获取您个人选票的最新信息。详情查询,请登录  









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