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Week of January 17th, 2021

Dear brothers and sisters, 

      I find that almost every time I wrote one of these pastor’s posts in 2020, I said something to the effect of “We live in unprecedented times” or “nothing has happened like this in history!” It seems the trend will continue in 2021. I’m sure like me, you watched with disbelief and horror at the attack on the capitol that occurred on January 6. I have seen my share of protests and riots, from the 1992 Rodney King riots in LA to the recent insanity in Seattle. I have never seen anything like what occurred last week. Protesters bearing US flags and Trump-supporting signs violently breaking into the capitol building to prevent Congress from confirming the election of Joe Biden. 5 people lost their lives as a result of the violence, including a Capitol police officer and a female protester who was shot. We live in unprecedented times, indeed.

      As a pastor, what truly broke my heart more than the division in our nation is the division this has caused in the Church. Looking at my Christian friends’ responses, it seemed like they are living in 2 different worlds and responding to 2 different events. One side sees a president who has clearly instigated an insurrection against our nation, who is worthy of removal from office. The other side sees a president who is clearly the target of a Liberal conspiracy, falsely accused of the actions of a small minority, who is worthy of admiration and support. What are we to make of this? How can Christians who have the Holy Spirit, who love biblical truth, and who are submitted to Jesus as Lord and Savior be so far apart in their assessment of the president and his actions?

      Sorry to disappoint, but I do not have an answer for you in this post, as this is a question I am still praying over and wrestling with. What I DO want to share with you, however, are some principles we ought to live by as we navigate these uncertain days and interact with those we may strongly disagree with.

1.  Do not sacrifice the Truth for the “truth”

In this age of information overload, we can find evidence to support just about any viewpoint, and we can similarly find evidence to discredit any dissenting viewpoint. I see (and have participated in) many fruitless online battles where each side bombards the other with “our truth” while similarly discrediting and ignoring “their truth.” As Christians, we know that truth and accuracy are vital, but we also know that for many of these world-shaking events, we will never know the exact details or motivations. The only thing we CAN know for sure is the truth of Christ and His Word. The only thing we CAN do for sure is display Christ’s character in our lives. Exalting Christ and making Him known should be our priority in every word that we speak or type, and every interaction we have with others. Christ called us not to win arguments, but to win souls. If I may paraphrase ,


“19 Know this, my beloved brothers: let every person be quick to read, slow to type, slow to anger;”

2. The ends do not justify the means

King Herod the Great was, by all accounts, a shrewd politician, a brilliant architect, and a brutal, decadent tyrant. Though he was by birth an Idumean descended from the line of Esau, he clawed his way to rule over the Jews in Judea. He was able to accomplish this by appealing to the Jews’ religious fervor and cultural pride. Outwardly, Herod practiced Judaism, and the temple that he constructed for the Jews was a marvel of ancient engineering. To give you an idea of its grandeur, the enormous Western wall that still stands in Jerusalem today was only a part of that temple’s . With these grand gestures of Jewish piety, Herod was able to rule harshly over the Jews for 30 years, brutalizing the people and extracting large amounts of taxes for the Roman empire whom he ultimately served. Tragically, he is best rememberd in the Bible as the perpetrator of the Massacre of the Innocents in Matthew 2:16-19, when he attempted to murder the newborn Jesus by killing all the baby boys in Bethlehem. For the national pride of having a beautiful temple, the Jews ultimately supported a king who almost killed their Savior. There is much we can learn as the church in 2021 from the life of Herod the Great (whether we are conservative or liberal!)

Political compromises are a necessary evil in our fallen society. There is no candidate (liberal or conservative) that will not disappoint or fail in some way. However, Christians must never sacrifice discernment or accountability for the sake of political power or cultural influence. To turn a blind eye to dishonesty and corruption because “he’s done so much for us!” or “we can’t let the other side win!” is not only foolish, but sinful as well!


Woe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter!” - Isaiah 5:20

3. Get out from your echo chamber


One relationship I have come to treasure these past 4 years is with my brother. As an atheist, a staunch Democrat, and a social progressive, his views are basically the opposite of everything I believe in as a Christian. While he has not changed my worldview or any of my foundational beliefs, our many conversations have forced me to challenge my assumptions, humanize my “opponents”, and hear his side without the filter of conservative media. Far from corrupting us or deceiving us, genuinely interacting with someone from the other side will only make your beliefs more trustworthy and robust.

Too many Christians only get their news and analysis of world events from single-sided news, friends, and (God-forbid) social media. When we are only surrounded by similar voices, we lose objectivity and it becomes nearly impossible to see the flaws and biases in our beliefs.

True confidence in “your side” means being willing to have your beliefs cross examined through genuine conversations (not internet posts!) with real people (not straw men!) from the other side. It also means being honest enough to admit our faults and see the merit in opposing views.

      “The one who states his case first seems right, until the other comes and examines him.”
                                                                                                                       - Proverbs 18:17


4. Count the cost of supporting “your side”

Jesus stated the cost of following Him plainly in Luke 14:26-27 - “If anyone comes to me and does not hate his own father and mother and wife and children and brothers and sisters, yes, and even his own life, he cannot be my disciple. Whoever does not bear his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.”

Unfortunately, I find that many Christians are foolishly paying this price as I see them double down in their defense of “their party” or “their guy”. Here are some important questions to count the cost the next time another political scandal or crisis erupts:


a. In order to support/believe this, will I need to include more and more people on my list of traitors and enemies?

b. In order to support/believe this, will I need to believe the very worst about my enemies?

c. In order to support/believe this, will I need to turn to an increasingly smaller and more biased pool of acceptable resources and allies?

d. In order to support/believe this, will I need to rely more and more on wild theories and explanations?

e. In order to support/believe this, will I need to overlook or explain away strong evidence of my own side’s wrongdoings?

If the majority of your answers are “yes”, you need to seriously reexamine your position. Remember that only Jesus is worth such devotion and sacrifice. And remember also that those very same “traitors and enemies” you are demonizing and fighting are people Jesus died for. If winning an election or proving a point costs you the ability to show the love of Christ or effectively share the gospel with your “enemies” then you have paid too high a price! Christ’s kingdom is built through our selfless love of others, not through conquering our political enemies.


      We will have more controversy and conflict in the days ahead both before and after the inauguration. Will you be known as a follower of Jesus or a follower of a political party?


In Christ,


Pastor Tim

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      我發現在2020年幾乎每次當我寫牧師分享時,我都會提到“我們現今生活在一個前所未有的時代”或是 “歷史上前所未見的時代”! 這種趨勢似乎仍會在2021年延續。相信大家都和我一樣,對1月6日發生在美國國會大廈的暴力衝擊事件感到難以置信和恐慌。雖然我也曾見過一些示威抗議和騷亂,從1992年洛杉磯羅德尼金暴動到近期西雅圖發生的瘋狂事件,但我從未見過像上週這樣的情況,抗議者舉著美國國旗和支持特朗普的標語,暴力闖入國會大廈,試圖阻止國會認證拜登當選下任總統。此次暴力衝突已造成5人死亡,其中包括一名國會警察和一名中槍的女性示威者。我們確確實實是生活在一個“前所未見的時代”。

      面對國家的分裂,作為一個牧師,更讓我心碎的是諸如此類的事件也在教會中造成分裂。從我的一些基督徒朋友的反應來看,他們好像處在兩個不同的世界,對於事件的發生有兩種截然不同的回應。一方認為總統特朗普明顯在煽動對國家造成威脅的叛亂,應當被罷免。另一方認為總統特朗普成為了針對自由派陰謀論的打擊目標,被誣陷是少數派的行為,他值得欽佩和支持。我不禁想問,我們該如何看待這個問題呢? 有聖靈在心中,喜愛渴慕聖經真理,順服主耶穌基督作我們救主的基督徒們怎麼會在對當今總統的行為評價上有如此大的分歧呢?


1.  不要為了所謂的“真理”而犧牲真正的真理



2. 為達目的,不能不擇手段



禍哉!那些稱惡為善、稱善為惡,以暗為光、以光為暗,以苦為甜、以甜為苦的人!”            -以賽亞書5:20

3. 從“回聲室效應(Echo Chamber)”中走出來吧!








4. 計算支持“自己這一方”的代價



  1. 為了支持和相信“自己這一方”,我是否要把越來越多的人列入自己的背叛者和敵人名單?

  2. 為了支持和相信“自己這一方”,我是否要相信我的敵人最壞的一面?

  3. 為了支持和相信“自己這一方”,我是否要陷入一個越來越小,越來越充滿偏見的,只接受和自己相同觀點的盟友圈?

  4. 為了支持和相信“自己這一方”,我是否要越來越依賴瘋狂的理論和解釋?

  5. 為了支持和相信“自己這一方”,我是否要忽視或試圖掩蓋“自己這一方”的錯誤行徑?


如果你的大部份答案都是“是”,那麼你就真的需要重新認真地審視自己的立場了。請大家記住,不論何時何地,只有主耶穌基督才是唯一值得我們全然獻上自己並付上寶貴代價的。也請記住,那些被你妖魔化和抨擊的“背叛者和敵人”也都是主耶穌為之而死的罪人。如果為了贏得選舉或證明某個觀點而讓你失去了展現來自主耶穌基督的愛和與“敵人”分享福音的寶貴機會,那麼這個代價就實在是太大,也太不值得了! 神的國度不是通過我們征服自己的政治敵人所建立起來的,而是要透過我們對他人無私的愛才能建立。

      未來的日子裏,不論是在總統就職典禮之前還是之後,我們都將面臨更多的衝突和爭議。這時你是希望成為主耶穌基督的跟隨者, 還是各政黨的跟隨者呢?




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      我发现在2020年几乎每次当我写牧师分享时,我都会提到“我们现今生活在一个前所未有的时代”或是 “历史上前所未见的时代”! 这种趋势似乎仍会在2021年延续。相信大家都和我一样,对1月6日发生在美国国会大厦的暴力衝击事件感到难以置信和恐慌。虽然我也曾见过一些示威抗议和骚乱,从1992年洛杉矶罗德尼金暴动到近期西雅图发生的疯狂事件,但我从未见过像上周这样的情况,抗议者举着美国国旗和支持特朗普的标语,暴力闯入国会大厦,试图阻止国会认证拜登当选下任总统。此次暴力衝突已造成5人死亡,其中包括一名国会警察和一名中枪的女性示威者。我们确确实实是生活在一个“前所未见的时代”。

      面对国家的分裂,作为一个牧师,更让我心碎的是诸如此类的事件也在教会中造成分裂。从我的一些基督徒朋友的反应来看,他们好像处在两个不同的世界,对于事件的发生有两种截然不同的回应。一方认为总统特朗普明显在煽动对国家造成威胁的叛乱,应当被罢免。另一方认为总统特朗普成为了针对自由派阴谋论的打击目标,被诬陷是少数派的行为,他值得钦佩和支持。我不禁想问,我们该如何看待这个问题呢? 有圣灵在心中,喜爱渴慕圣经真理,顺服主耶稣基督作我们救主的基督徒们怎么会在对当今总统的行为评价上有如此大的分歧呢?


1. 不要为了所谓的“真理”而牺牲真正的真理


2. 为达目的,不能不择手段



祸哉!那些称恶为善、称善为恶,以暗为光、以光为暗,以苦为甜、以甜为苦的人!”         -以赛亚书5:20

3. 从“回声室效应(Echo Chamber)”中走出来吧!





4. 计算支持“自己这一方”的代价

主耶稣在路加福音14:26-27中明确指出跟随祂的代价是:“ 26人到我这裡来,若不爱我胜过爱自己的父母、妻子、儿女、弟兄、姐妹,和自己的性命,就不能作我的门徒。27凡不背着自己十字架跟从我的,也不能作我的门徒。”


a)   为了支持和相信“自己这一方”,我是否要把越来越多的人列入自己的背叛者和敌人名单?

b)   为了支持和相信“自己这一方”,我是否要相信我的敌人最坏的一面?

c)   为了支持和相信“自己这一方”,我是否要陷入一个越来越小,越来越充满偏见的,只接受和自己相同观点的盟友圈?

d)   为了支持和相信“自己这一方”,我是否要越来越依赖疯狂的理论和解释?

e)   为了支持和相信“自己这一方”,我是否要忽视或试图掩盖“自己这一方”的错误行径?


如果你的大部份答案都是“是”,那么你就真的需要重新认真地审视自己的立场了。请大家记住,不论何时何地,只有主耶稣基督才是唯一值得我们全然献上自己并付上宝贵代价的。也请记住,那些被你妖魔化和抨击的“背叛者和敌人”也都是主耶稣为之而死的罪人。如果为了赢得选举或证明某个观点而让你失去了展现来自主耶稣基督的爱和与“敌人”分享福音的宝贵机会,那么这个代价就实在是太大,也太不值得了! 神的国度不是通过我们征服自己的政治敌人所建立起来的,而是要透过我们对他人无私的爱才能建立。

      未来的日子里,不论是在总统就职典礼之前还是之后,我们都将面临更多的衝突和争议。这时你是希望成为主耶稣基督的跟随者, 还是各政党的跟随者呢?




本会同工将于周一 (马丁路德金纪念日),1月18日休息一日。


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获取2020年奉献收据: 2020 年奉献收据将于1月底完成。若您需要获取奉献收据 (可邮寄或电邮),请联系Jenny Bang (庞月玲姊妹) 或致电: (303) 550-0932


2020年未交已核准的偿还代付款项表: 为帮助财政部完成2020年的财政报告,请将2020年未交已核准的偿还代付款项表 (蓝色eBlue Reimbursement Form) 在1月17日前交至财政部。偿还代付款项表和收据可电邮至  。之后递交的表格将纳入2021年支出预算。


1月31日会众议事会 (GCM): 会众议事会将于1月31日 (主日) ,下午3点至5点在网上通过Zoom举行。届时请于教会网站主页 查询会议链接。议程将包括: 2020年终财政报告,2021年教会值理会成员就职和其他待定内容。


2020 全球华人差传大会: 感谢主共有78人报名注册。如果您已提前注册,现可于1月31日前登陆大会网站的观看页面,查看所有信息和讲座的点播视频。详情请查询大会网站


英文儿童主日敬拜/主日学:敬请注意,英文儿童主日敬拜/主日学时间为每主日早上10点30分至11点30分。此外,英文学龄前幼童 (Pre-school) 主日学将于每主日早上11点45分开始至中午12点结束。


粤语堂幼童主日敬拜(Beginner's Church)和儿童主日敬拜(Children’s Church):粤语堂Beginner's Church (三岁至Kindergarten之幼童) 将于每主日透过Zoom举行网上崇拜,时间为早上9点30分至9点45分。粵語堂Children’s Church (1年級至5年级儿童) 也將于每主日透過Zoom举行网上崇拜,时间为下午2点至3点。如未收到电邮而有兴趣参加者,请致电邮到 登记。谢谢!


主日敬拜: 这主日,1月17日,粤语堂将于早上8点整和11点整开始直播主日敬拜。英文堂敬拜将于早上7点开始,通过教会的YouTube频道提供观看。普通话堂敬拜将于早上11点开始直播。详情请查阅教会网站 主页上的观看链接。


网上奉献现可接受给“慈惠基金Benevolent  Fund”的奉献。同时为了方便您在网上奉献,我们现已开通使用信用卡奉献方式。教会将支付信用卡奉献所产生的银行手续费。


奉献支票也可邮寄到教会, 地址:Chinese Independent Baptist Church Oakland, 280 8th Street, Oakland, CA 94607



加州小企业救济金:加州最近为小企业推出了一笔赠款-“California Small Business Covid-19 Relief Grant Program”,金额从 $5,000美元到 $25,000美元不等。我们鼓励每个小企业主都应该考虑申请。


第一轮申请已于2021年1月13日结束。第二轮申请将于2月2日,早上8点开始至2月8日,下午6点截止。更多申请详情请查询: 和


1. 第一轮申请批准通知将于2021年1月15日至1月22日滚动发出。请查看您的电邮或 短信。

2. 任何在第一轮申请中未获得赠款,但符合资格的申请人将被自动考虑进入第二轮申请。无需重新申请。

“Great Plates:免费为年长者送餐”计划:请点击以下链接查询您或您的家人和朋友是否符合资格参加此计划,以及如何登记获得免费送餐服务。










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